Attikus Ulti Change

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Then why i dont do that with montana, isic, galilea or boldur? Why i dont feel the need to tell my team when they are trying to flank?

I do it with deande, el dragon, rath or wft.

If ppl want to use him as a tank… Oky do it. But i recomend name it something similar to an off tank.

But give all the information to new players, as some always are reading.

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The fact is, if I were to ping montana, galilea, ISIC, kelvin (someone who has no form of damage mitigation unless sublimate is counted), or any other tank besides boldur, they WILL go down fast(except MAYBE late game kelvin) not as easily as others, but still fast

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So from my months of using attikus i would have to say he is not a tank but rather a jungler who comes into lane and disrupts from the jungle i love attikus in incursion despite what many other people say. First off as an attikus main you are a tank but you are not however a montana or kelvin tank your job isn’t to go out in lane while being pocketed by a miko. Rather attikus should be taking thralls while the rest of the team holds lane. Once the thrall push attikus should flank if attikus gets pushed out of the jungle (mostly double thralls)or any other place where the team isnt because they are holding the lane your healer should not try to save him. attikus has the HP to take a stun get slowed and focus fired then pounce out of all danger a good example is on overgrowth if attikus gets caught trying to flank where the double shards are he can easily run back to double thrall and pounce back up into his base which is safe. if he isn’t caught he will be soon because he got double thralls and they cant ignore that now you have 2-4 enemy players who have to leave lane to deal with double thralls and attikus so attikus has successfully disrupted the enemy team. if the enemy team doesn’t worry about the attikus behind them they will die because attikus is going to ult from behind heavily slowing you and attikus’ team will now start pushing if you happen to stun attikus out of his ult well congrats you were forced to use your skill on a player who will probably just pounce away after the stun anyway. you have been successfully disrupted. As an attikus player your job is not easy you have to: use all of your abilities to the fullest like silencing deande by doing a pounce in place when she ults this can also be done to Galilea when she ults to bring her ass back up, remembering hydronic arc wounds so using that when flanking to ensure your prey doesnt get healed back to full, pouncing in front of players who attempt to run away, knowing all other enemy battleborn cooldowns so you know when you can be stunned out of your ult, remember attikus always comes in with hydronic arc, only pounces in if his prey is low other than that pounce is for escaping or trapping, know how to angle your pounces so you can jump over walls, running melee is essential for moving around quickly, and so much more. Characters to fear on the battlefield if you are using attikus: toby mantana kelvin thorn isic. Teammates you want as an attikus: alani beatrix a real tank. Characters you should almost never use against attikus: alani pendles ambra oscar mike oscar mike 2 Ernest

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I get that the slow is useful I just think it’s the weakest of the CC. I apologize for using the wrong adjective lol, but I do agree with what you’ve said.

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Well what else could we do maybe every other shockwave knocks up? personally i think the sheer damage of the ult should be enough to scare a team out of lane or at least forces the enemy to deal with attikus immediately at level 10 it is without a doubt the strongest ult giving it damages from weakest to strongest 2060 2920 and 3860 all of these damages while heavily slowing the lane and all players within lane. with that much power making character unable to fight back against those damages would result in full team wipes by 1 player every 70 seconds in what way is that fair. also if you really know how to use attikus you can completely forego the usual slow attikus has and add 728 damage and make the effect wound on his ults instead same at level 5 you can do 1150 with the ult or add an extra 272 you 1 shot certain characters without shields and put 2/3 of tye cast in dire range that as long as your team is also attacking while you ult they will die and if thwy are slowed that makes them pretty open for the pickings

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Imo his ultimate is best used to 100-0 squishes who have already burnt their escape and to finish off runners. It’s not smart at all to use it in a team fight, as you will probably be immediately stunned out of it or focus fired until you die.

…and PLEASE stop saying Attikus is a tank. He is tank-y from his high health pool, Dampening Field, and Hedronic Regeneration, but not necessarily a tank per se. A tank can just sit in lane and get focus fired like it’s nothing. Attikus clearly cannot do that, as it takes very little effort to force him out of a lane. He is survivable and has a high health pool, but he is not a tank.

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