Attikus vs ISIC Solo Advanced

Played through The Algorithm on Solo Advanced today with our big buddy. However, I used 7 lives finishing ISICs floating head. All he did was juggle me high enough to kill me over and over and over. Blind luck that I was able to get enough punches in to finish him being he stays out of melee range almost the entire time.

Anyone have a secret for this? Thought it was a bit ridiculous.

[quote=“myrickma, post:1, topic:1543340, full:true”]Anyone have a secret for this? Thought it was a bit ridiculous.

The entire last phase of ISIC’s fight is one gigantic middle finger to melee characters. The only “secret” to that phase is “don’t bring a melee character”.

The devs really need to make that entire last phase a lot more melee friendly because, even if it’s a super easy phase (if you can actually hit ISIC), it’s basically impossible as melee and sucks being utterly worthless for a portion of the fight because you felt like punching/stabbing things instead of shooting them.

Well, I did it with El Dragon near the beginning of my career and it was made easier with his Dragon Splash. Attikus could do the same with his skills. Just pounce at him. He also doesn’t do too much damage. I literally didn’t die once in that fight with El Dragon and he’s a glass cannon. I wonder why he was doing so much damage to you…

Wasn’t the damage, he’d literally push me so high that it killed me, I guess I left the battle area or something

The same thing happened when I did it with Kelvin, took 28 minutes to land enough hits, just that part.

Lol that’s crap! If you look directly up you’ll notice a circular opening with ledges almost identical to the hole you fall through after the Galactic Emperor where you fight the final enemy spawn before ISIC. Anyway, I was knocked up there as Marquis once, and again as Attikus, I tried to Pounce up as Attikus but couldn’t get any higher.

That happened to me, but it just sent me back up to where you activate the elevator to get to him. I have no idea what happened to you… that’s just weird.

He can knock you through the wall kinda. I’ve seen it. It does kill you.
Atty can electrify and then pounce. Rath can cross blade every few seconds. Ambra is screwed unless she went fire ball. Boulder… Iunno. Dragon… Iunno. Gali can shields and lasers and such. That’s all I got :stuck_out_tongue:

This is where you go if ISIC pushes you high enough:

…Salute to our friend in the post below for the update :smile:

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Sorry, I didn’t mean crap as in bullsh*t, I meant crap as in what a crappy thing to happen!

Ugh, I hate written English… >.<


Don’t know what to tell ya, I was getting killed any time he pushed me high enough.

…Just did it solo Hardcore with Pendles, if you toss the nade ISIC comes back down and you do too, pretty cool AI breaker. :wink:

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