Attikus's Pounce Should Knock-Back Differently

I feel like this is the only problem that stops him from truly shining. He is currently my favorite character, and I’m really enjoying his play style. But it is a bit too difficult to consistently knock enemies the right way/reacquire your target after you pounce. Too much has to go right due to the fact that the AOE is around Attikus, with his character model landing in the center.

Instead, the active area (area where he does damage/knocks back) should be concentrated in a cone in front of him when he lands. I believe this would act much more consistently, promote flanking, and I think it fits the fact that he has two giant tusks, and he’s using them to bash enemies backwards or into a wall. Any thoughts?

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How long have you played him so far?

I can only speak for myself but I got pretty good at aiming it around level 10 or so with him and now I’m really solid with it, and in fact I really like being able to hit them in different directions.

The other day in meltdown OM was trying to run away and I had my teammate who was rath behind me, I pounced over OM and knocked him back right into rath.

I’ve also got good at hitting people into side walls and such.

Well you do have me on that point, I’ve only had the game for 2 weeks. So I’m sure I’m still getting that muscle memory down, I guess it just feels relatively inconsistent for me. Like I’ll plan to land on the side of someone to hit them sideways into a wall, go for the pounce, and then turn to punch them just to find out that they got knocked in the opposite direction. Not sure if its just me, or if there is some inconsistency.

Yeah it was like that at first for me with him but now I think I’m 13/14 with him and its pretty great.

Wish I could get payed to sit at home and play Attikus instead of a full time job -_- maybe then I would actually be decent lol

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I’m right with you there, that would be the dream.