Attn! attn! shield penetration is not working!

Shield penetration gear vs players is doing absolutely nothing whatsoever at the moment.

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This doesn’t pertain to me, due to not playing PvP, but I can understand the frustration. Hopefully, this is fixed soon. I know Shield Pen can really influence games, especially against a character like ISIC or Kleese.

I realized there was something wrong with shield penetration due to Thorn’s shield penetration mutation as it doesn’t do health damage. However, I don’t think it does absolutely nothing as I have noticed when taking Thorn’s 100% shield penetration mutation, I can pretty much 1-hit anyone’s shield with a fully charged arrow.

That’s strange, because just yesterday I killed enemy Kleese with full shield and low health without depleting his shield. I had 30% shield penetration from gear.

You, sir, are 100% correct. It was only broken within the last couple days, when they changed shield pen to not affect sentries. Before then it worked just fine.

I am basing my observation on the fact that as Montana with shield pen 20% vs Galilea, I was not able to do a single point of health damage with her actively swinging her sword at me until her shield was down. I know that no health damage was happening because her “sword blast” that only works with full health kept spamming until her shield was down. This was not a health regen issue because her health regen isn’t that great any more.