ATTN GEARBOX: Mid-battle Balance Matchmaking PLEASE!

In my previous post, a person made a comment that reminded me of why pvp has started to annoy me. People leaving because they didn’t get their character, or because they are losing and their surrender vote did not pass. This is an issue.

I know Gearbox has tried to punish people who go AWOL, but it still leaves the team in a bad position. As it stands right now, no one can fill the spot left by the player, instead it is held for them to rejoin until the match resumes. This needs to be fixed in some way.

Yesterday, we had a player leave 2 minutes into Incursion because he did not get his main character of choice. For the rest of the game we were left a player short. Please find a fix for this type of behavior. It punishes the entire team with the current system in place.

Thank you

cough cough drop in drop out match making cough cough

I support this request.

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