ATTN MODS: Use of theme song and Borderlands name for new podcast. Is this allowed?

Hi @Noelle_GBX and mods:

I was referred to ask the question here and wanted to get some clarity / permission.

I love Borderlands and am starting a new Borderlands podcast called The Borderlands Show

I want to make sure I can call it The Borderlands Show using the name and theme song for our podcast.

Please advise on use of cover art and music if this can be allowed.

Please note this is a fan project and does not involve any type of commerical use.

Thanks for the advice on this.

Hi! I see you have made a topic on this the other day. Feel free to use your original thread for continued inquiries for your podcast by adding additional comments or editing the OP.
It’s be best to keep matters on the same subject gathered in one place so the questions can be answered accordingly.

Thanks and good luck!

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