Attn Randy: About the absence of Jack and his mask

A bit sad and disappointed I love the jackmask on Borderlands 2.


They could always add it as DLC or it could be a drop in game that we haven’t seen yet. But I kind of doubt it. Jack was a great villain but he’s not a part of this game and there will be plenty of new heads and plenty of new characters to become attached to in this new game.

idk, they already stated that Jack wont be in BL3.

his story ended. time to move on.

They could still have a Jack Mask cosmetic. I mean they named a gun after him as well as we have seen the Handsome Jackhammer.

I would be very surprised if it doesn’t turn up as a loot item. Jack was a major part of the franchise. Yes his story is over, but Borderlands is well known for its easter eggs and pop culture references. Jack is now part of that pop culture.

Right. Someone even posted a screenshot somewhere of a movie poster they came across in game advertising what looked to be a movie about Handsome Jack starring someone they believed was named Timothy Doppleman.