Audible character "Grunts" [Jumping/Ele dmg] are out of hand

The Audible character grunt sounds made when jumping and taking elemental dmg are SERIOUSLY out of hand, not only are they over-the-top voice acting for such a thing, but the sheer volume of them is enough to drive one insane, just play amara and see what I mean.
Cant tell you how annoying it is to hear HUGHHNNNIIIPP when you jump with amara every 5 secs
(Because hey its BL and there’s alot of jumping required) But the issue is not just limited to her I just used her as an example cause that is my current main and feels like the most annoying one.

To clarify I’m only referring to the player character voice overs, there does not seem to be any issues with enemies.

Need a way to turn them down by about 75% or mute them entirely, currently all I see is dialog but in order to make the jumping “grunts” tolerable it needs to be like 50% which makes all conversations nearly impossible to understand…


for some reason they’ve decided to boost the volume of the player character over other voices (bad choice imo), while also using a lot of terrible, annoying voice acting (zane screaming when on fire, etc), as well as making the noises of creatures like skags sound like they’re right on top of you even when they’re dozens of yards away. let’s hope they balance this stuff out.


Yeah, I know what you mean, I started off as zane but found he was a terribly boring char for solo play stood on a barrel and was like wtf is this overacting lol… pretty sure thats not what a (like guy in his mid 50s?) would do.

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his screaming is awful but some of the noises he makes while mantling are pretty funny. and when after someone’s head explodes he said ‘wouldya look at the state of ya’ it cracks me up

flak’s grunts and screams are uniformly bad. haven’t tried the other characters yet

changing to Hi-Fi in sound options lowers the volume on all the annoying overly loud sounds.

Playing Moze here, its so bad when I’m on fire/acid/electricity debuff I feel like I’m playing a pron video on my PC , its just too exaggerated and loud.

" You have Admirable Heft Girl!"

yeah I noticed that helped a small bit but not nearly enough i’d say it maybe lowers it by like 15%

Kina wish could turn this into a petition seriously needs a change or at least its own slider

I seriously can’t stand Amara’s jump grunt it’s ruining the game for me, I really hope we get an option to disable it soon.

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Yeah same here totally ruining the immersiveness and i’m about to go deal with it yet again, cause don’t feel like restarting again 21 atm, littrialy have to constantly toggle my speakers IRL whenever dialog is happening, the HUUNNNIIIPPP it just about the most annoying sound i’ve heard ina game.

Whats really stupid is you don’t NEED to make any sounds IRL jumping, so why are these over-the-top grunts even there i could do it all day and never make a peep besides some breathing

Even made a BL3 2K support request on the issue, really want this brought to light and changed in next weeks major update


I sorta feel the same way about FL4K’s pet. It just makes non-stop noises that are really getting on my nerves.

I’ve dabbled with all four VHs and Zane is the one that really stands out. His screams when he’s burning are especially extra. He makes me want to turn voices off completely. I hope he’s on Gearbox’s radar.


Right? I was about to post a rant about a vault hunter crying every time he/she gets shocked. Suck it up and think about that sick vault loot you’re about to…oh yeah. I guess I’d cry at my life choices as well.

I know this is an old thread but i 100% agree. The grunts, screaming and moaning etc. are CONSTANT! Because of this I am forced to adjust the dialogue volume all the time. The problem is the player vocal noises, the holotapes and the npcs dialogue are all controlled by the same channel. THERE NEEDS TO BE A MUTE CHARACTER DIALOGUE/PLAYER NOISES OPTION or make it possible to control these different audio sources individually. Borderlands is a loud game which is not a bad thing theres a lot going on but its a major problem when I struggle to follow the story dialogue because it is constantly drowned out by my character wailing, grunting, huffing and puffing, or blurting out annoying and repetitive comments of self adulation during and after every enemy encounter. And dont even get me started on holotape dialogue being unexpectedly cut out by npc dialogue or vise versa.

The Dialog Slider also controls the Grunts. At 100% I struggle to hear the dialog, while the neighborhood hears the grunts!

At 35% the grunts seem balanced. The dialog is just loud enough to notice when it stops (so the gameplay can continue).

Lets just call it a feature.

Always irritated me also. I played Amara first, and I was just yelling at the screen You’re the Tiger of Partali, quit your whining about little flames tickling your toes! and turned sound off.

Zane I can handle, but not the others.

Had the same issue with Gaige in BL2, just too much screaming.