Audio bug with latest hotfix

Have been having a bug since this morning, an audio bug making all game audio really muffled and sound like a very echo-y cave. After closing app, and hop back into the game offline without the server side hotfix, audio works fine. As soon as I turn it back online and let the hotfix install then the audio bug comes back every time. Did this 4 times in a row to be sure.


You might need to go into your game settings once launched and toggle the audio preference there to make sure it matches your console/screen/audio setup. There were some adjustments made to audio - especially for split-screen play - that might require some adjustment. If that doesn’t work, drop a line to the support desk (link in sticky at the top of this section).

Me and my friends have the same issues when playing. Sounds like you are sitting in a huge tin can with lots of echo and dull and distant sounds.

Doesn’t matter what sound profile we use it all sounds just as crappy


My game also sound like ■■■■ after last hotfix.

Video -

And two my friends also have same problem.


Same issue here, mainly with NPCs and enemies.

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Another with same isue heare,i play with headphones and sound setings dont fix it


Another one here with the issue. Changing settings doesn’t help.


I have noticed as well, while on PS4. It’s worse on Promethea and it has a delay to gun sounds as well. Try shooting a Dahl or Valdof in to see what this problem is.

This also didn’t happen yesterday when I played the same amount of time, so what game update was dropped either yesterday evening or tonight has cause the issue at hand.

The issue is causing character, both ally and enemy, dialog and chatter to echo in game, like a cave or an arena. Gun sounds also have a delay as well, especially Dahl assault rifles. This affects all planets and while can be fixed by restarting, will come back when you update or when you change characters.

It is not, thankfully, your personal settings, so don’t fix that yet. Just restart and do your best. It has to be fixed in an update ASAP!!


This is the identical issue as in the following post: Permanent hall/echo effect on all sound effects everywhere in the game

Got to hand to gear box. Quick to patch but fail to QA. The sound echo glitch is annoying AF. Get it together dammit. More and more people are walking away from the franchise due to these knee-jerk patches to some of the dumbest bugs to date

Same problem here. On PS4. Glad to see it isn’t just me, but it’s really annoying. I get some balancing needed to be done, but the problems with how the game is running should have been priority number 1, and when balancing DOES happen it should have been in small incriments and after a long slow review of the changes. This quick patching to change things the vocal minority complains about just causes everything to get buggier and over nerfed, resulting in a need for more patches and bug fixes. Take your time guys, we know that your working on it. There’s no need to rush things out so fast it breaks things.

Having the same bug on ps4 pro, hope they fix it soon rather than prioritize loot drops


If you have not done so already, please file a bug report via the support form (link in sticky post at the top of this category). The audio bug is apparently not affecting everybody on PS4 the same way, so the team will need as much data as possible to help narrow down the cause.

Tell me you’re joking. This bug have absolutely everyone who have ears and who plays via online with last hotfix.

I checked with some folks I know on PS4 who are playing with all patches/updates applied, and they confirmed they’re not experiencing the same issues as described here…

Doesn’t change the fact that it would be helpful if folks would file bug reports for the issues they are experiencing.

Because they play on the ■■■■■■ TV-dynamic and don’t understand the difference?

Check with some folks you know that have PS4 Pro. Put your headphones, Go online, Load in, wait a bit. Choose Prometheus and shoot some thing. Audio is bugged. Its hurting ears much as fps hurts my eyes.

As I said: please file a bug report and include the details you mentioned about the audio devices you are using.

Is it still 2007? Hey, you have 4 topics with same problem described under “bug report” flair. Moderator it is your job to take action and deliver issue to devs.