Audio Engine Bug

I’ve noticed that the Homeworld Remastered iterations are experiencing the same audio bugs that mods for Homeworld 2 also suffered from.

I’m pretty sure classic homeworld 1 doesn’t have this as it’s not using the Homeworld 2 game engine.

This has been a long known issue amongst the mod community for homeworld 2.
The bug is simple but we haven’t been able to fix it and since Homeworld 2 was no longer being updated, nobody actually cared, but since Homeworld Remastered is undergoing development, I might aswell submit it.

The bug affects the music… If you listen carefully to the menu music or even ingame (Skirmish, Campaign). The first play through of the music goes fine, but when the music starts to repeat… it cuts off exactly in the middle and then starts again from the beginning.

I’m pretty sure this is an issue with the homeworld 2 engine, as like I said… Every mod that replaces some music, experienced this issue. The song always plays fine the first time, but as soon it starts to repeat, it cuts off in the middle and restarts.

It would be nice if this could be fixed and therefor, I summon @joekgbx

Kind Regards,
Miss Heartfire <3


Consider me summoned! Passing along to the team. Thanks!

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