Audio glitch on Tundra Express in BL2

I was having the same problem. Now after I gave Tina her bunny bombs and she worked on them in her garage, the sound of the garage doors opening won’t stop playing! It happens throughout the map, too. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Having the same audio glitch issue in the map tundra Express in BL2 the handsome collection on Xbox One

I’m having the same problems on the Xbox One Handsome Collection; after shutting off the fence in the farmhouse and getting rid of the static, when Tina shut the garage to build the bombs the freaking garage door sound continues to play throughout the entire board. I figured out how to fix it though. Leave the level, spend a little time somewhere else (I wandered around Sanctuary going to all the vending machines and playing some slots) and return to the farmhouse, resetting the static problem at the farmhouse, but, getting rid of the garage sound. Just shut of the static fence at the farmhouse and both sounds are gone.

I just wanted to chime in on this but I can confirm that this glitch is very much present in the PS4 version of the HC and that disabling the electrical field does make the noise go away, at least until you save and quit :smile:. I would also like to mention that TPS has some weird audio issues as well thanks to the 1.03 patch, with Serenity’s Waste being particularly badly affected as you get some peculiar wind and suction noises for about 5-10secs after Fast Travelling or spawning in after a reload.

I am getting this issue though I am on the Xbox One version.

This sound glitch is still active on the PS4.

If you fast travel to the farmhouse and deactivate the electric fence that annoying sound will stop…unfortunately ya have to do that every time you enter tundra express. It’s at least a temporary fix for now.

I have a different version of this audio glitch that is way more strange. I didn’t get the electric fence audio everywhere on the map until AFTER I shot the box and shut the fence down!

Update. Quitting the game and completely closing the game didn’t work. Went back and shot the box. That either did nothing or made the sound a little worse. Got a headache from the damn sound too.

I’m having this sound issue as well. Many months later. Is Gearbox looking into a fix for this? Seems like a very common issue.

Having the same problem with the crackling sound in tundra express, i bought the games few days ago. there also few audio bugs in the prequel, please gearbox fix this issue.

Having this issue still. Ps4, November 2016. Problem still not solved.

Just bought the handsome collection for ps4, November 2016, the tundra express fence and garage audio glitch happening for me too.

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Gearbox, please fix this annoying glitch. It has almost been 2 years.

Why? Why? Why? Static and TIna’s door for me. Save/quit and restart kills Tina’s door sound. I’ll try the farmhouse thing for the static, but the idea of having to go out of my way to turn the sound off every time I enter this area is mildly irritating. It’s sad to say but I don’t think anybody is going to ever patch this problem. (XBOX ONE HJ edition)

Gearbox?!? Are you ever going to fix these minor sound bugs? I’m playing though the game on my PS4 for the 5th time and I’m reminded of the only reason I dislike this game every time I enter the Tundra Express. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, but sound is a very important part of a game. Please make this game great again & patch these bugs. Thanks!

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Yep. Still happening. This thread is almost three years old and the glitch still hasn’t been fixed? Poor show.

Just started playing on PS4 September 17 and have the same static noise. Will this ever be fixed. Please Gearbox, show some love and patch this problem.

Sorry to necro an older thread. Currently experiencing this glitch on Xbox one, HJC. Never had this problem back on ps3. Was a solution ever found? Doing a fresh play through from scratch and getting a headache from this map.

So, in the interests of avoiding further thread necromancy:

  • Fast travel to Tundra Express Farmhouse
  • Turn off electric fence

If you leave the map and come back, you’ll need to turn the fence off again.

There’s also a similar issue with the audio for the garage door at Tina’s Workshop when you’re getting ready to complete “Train to Catch”; fortunately, once you leave the map it should be fixed.

Thread closed, because necromancy is not mechromancy.