Audio glitch on Tundra Express in BL2

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Yep. Still happening. This thread is almost three years old and the glitch still hasn’t been fixed? Poor show.


Just started playing on PS4 September 17 and have the same static noise. Will this ever be fixed. Please Gearbox, show some love and patch this problem.

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Sorry to necro an older thread. Currently experiencing this glitch on Xbox one, HJC. Never had this problem back on ps3. Was a solution ever found? Doing a fresh play through from scratch and getting a headache from this map.

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So, in the interests of avoiding further thread necromancy:

  • Fast travel to Tundra Express Farmhouse
  • Turn off electric fence

If you leave the map and come back, you’ll need to turn the fence off again.

There’s also a similar issue with the audio for the garage door at Tina’s Workshop when you’re getting ready to complete “Train to Catch”; fortunately, once you leave the map it should be fixed.

Thread closed, because necromancy is not mechromancy.

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