Audio glitch on Tundra Express in Borderlands 2

Hi, there seems to be an audio glitch in Tundra Express, it sounds like electricity and covers the whole map regardless of what your doing, could we get this fixed anytime soon?

I know that a similar topic was shutdown last year (2018) without the glitch being fixed.

This is in fact such an annoying bug/glitch that all of my friend who purchased the Handsome Collection for co-op is giving up on the game,
This is simply my last ditch effort in getting this issue in the spotlight, if not i’ll simply move on to other games myself.

The other topic was closed because it had been necro’d, and because at this point it’s unlikely to get fixed and there is a work-around:

Once you’ve turned off the electric fence at the farm house, you can simply FT to the main entrance. Not a perfect solution, but there it is.

Seems more like a “suffer-around” if i am being completely honest.

It also only seems to affect the Handsome Collection as far as i have read after digging around some more, which is quite a mistake taking into consideration the Handsome Collection is the current best way to experience the Borderlands game series.

??? It really doesn’t take long to do - the switch is right there in the basement.

Correct. Which suggests that it’s the result of some weird collision of effects between the game and the game engine as modified to run on the hardware. Which might also explain why it didn’t get fixed - if it was a simple solution, it would have been rolled into one of the game updates a long time ago.

It’s not that it’s relatively quick to do, but the fact that you have to do it every single time you go to or load back to the Tundra Express.

But whatever, if there is no plan to correct this really annoying issue the least they could do is throw us a bone on why the fix isn’t happening,
Cause further Google searches shows that this issue has been talked about for a really long time, and with no official word on said issue.

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I’m experiencing this as well, it’s very frustrating, and sometime the sound of the train will play on a loop too, until you leave the map.

I just bought BHC on PS4, I used to be on PC and never had this issue.

“It’s not that it’s relatively quick to do, but the fact that you have to do it every single time you go to or load back to the Tundra Express.”

  • I agree

Well, since they’ve remade some of the textures for BHC, it would be really nice if they could take a look at this too, if possible.

The train sound isn’t a bug, it’s repeated too often i can agree with that but it’s not a bug.

The trains run on a regular schedule across the map. In fact, if you’re not careful, it’s a very easy way to experience insta-death.

There is a similar issue with the garage door at Tiny Tina’s though - once that closes/opens during the story mission, the sound will run continuously until you leave.

I found out it isn’t the trains, but the sound of Tinas garage door opening, after she creates the bombs, though it only happens when you do that mission.