Audio Glitch - Stuttering, Lag, Distortion

I’m sure the team is already aware of this but I would like to point it out just to make sure.

I am experiencing audio distortion while playing Homeworld 2. It is extremely irritating. I discovered that many other players are also experiecing this issue after a quick Google search on the subject.

Please fix this. It should be priority because it makes the game unenjoyable and unplayable.

Other than that, I love Homeworld. Thank you for the remastering.

Hi, just in order to clarify: Are you talking about Homeworld 2 Classic or Homeworld 2 Remastered?

talking about remastered. yes, it’s a know issue. too many ships, get your camera too close to them and sound is all glitchy and distorted. enough to make your ears bleed.

Yes, I’m talking about the remastered version. I bought it on Steam.