Audio Glitches in 5th DLC

The same thing has happened to me on xbox one S, i cant hear the echo logs you find in the deasert area outside the Backburner. In the mission where you kill uranus my audio almost completely failed to the point were i couldn’t hear any dialog from any of the characters even in cut scenes. I have tried saving a quiting multiple times but the bug keeps happening at the point in the mission, it really makes me not want play anymore of the dlc on my axton and just restart it on another character cause im missing major cut scenes and dialog.

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Moved over to tech support since this seems more like an installation issue than an actual game bug.

I can confirm that the game works fine on XB1. Missing audio or video like that suggests that the download either didn’t fully complete or was partially corrupted. I’d recommend checking to see if there’s still anything pending in the update queue; it wouldn’t hurt to do a full power reset (disconnect PSU from wall etc). If that doesn’t resolve the issue, I’d suggest deleting and reinstalling the DLC.

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This same problem is affecting me too, and not only in Commander Lilith (but it has also happened early in our Commander Lilith playthrough). My wife and I just got to the end of the Necromancer mission in Tiny Tina’s Dragon Keep and as the brother is revived the voices dropped.
I will note that in both of these cases my Lv 30 Boosted Gaige was loaded at some point during that active playthrough, (I played as her during all we did of Commander Lilith and until I had loaded that save file again our Dragon Keep was fine.)

Edit: We play splitscreen on Xbox One X.

Edit 2: When the audio drops it doesn’t even give us the subtitles, it just shows the character faces quickly and then it’s over. In a game that is largely great due to the amazing and fun dialogue, this is a game-breaking bug for us.

We are reinstalling the whole game to see if that fixes it.

Update: Nope, there is definitely a problem! All voices totally disappeared at the same spot, they just stopped being played.

Really hope this being noticed by someone in a good position to start getting it fixed, because this sucks!

Since you already tried a re-install, all I can suggest is filling out a support ticket.

Not sure why your game is behaving that way - as I posted above when a resource (audio, video, texture) fails to run at the same fixed spot, it usually implies a problem with that resource on disk rather than with the game code.

Yeah, I opened a ticket… not helpful so far (they seem to have mixed my issue with someone else’s)

Also, it obviously is a bug, as it is suddenly affecting a part of the game pre-Commander Lilith at which I’ve never had it happen during multiple playthroughs, the only difference is as I stated the use of a Boosted Character.