Audio Issue - Dialogue is quiet when people are using Comm

The only character who’s dialogue is at proper volume is claptrap. Whenever anyone uses the com system they sound like a character who I’m speaking to directly but am not close enough to. However whenever claptrap speaks, no matter where he is it’s always at full volume.

I have no idea if there is any way to fix this. If I turn dialogue up and the other settings down it’s sort of okay until claptrap speaks and my tv practically emits a sonic boom.

Anyways, anyone else have this issue with the handsome collection? Any idea what to do about it?

I notice this too, it’s especially more apparent with a sound system or sound bar in place.

What I think it may be is the surround/directional audio is buggy or misaligned somehow, so when you stand in front of an npc who is talking (comms doubles as in front of npc) you get muffled/quiet audio but if you turn to the side you hear them better or turn around completely so your back is to them then audio is crystal clear.

There is no fix other than hope Gearbox put’s in a disable virtual surround audio feature I think, please do this Gearbox as it’s really distracting. Changing PS4 audio settings makes no difference.