Audio Issues (Cutting Out, Stuttering, Missing)

PC (Epic Games) / NA / Multiplayer (Online Co-op)
some issues i’ve run into with audio are:

  • NPC audio frequently just cuts out for seemingly no reason for a few lines of dialogue and then comes back randomly (all other sound still working), specific examples being Lilith on the ship, Quinn during his mission, and Moxxi at the start of Lectra City
  • some NPC dialogue is really quiet and hard to hear, especially if you’re not standing directly beside them and not far enough away for it to play on your Echo
  • in Lectra City, when coming into the entrance of the arena before you fight the zone boss, the NPC fans standing at the door’s dialogue kept cutting off and restarting on a loop so you only heard the first part repeatedly (sounded like “ki-ki-kil-kil-kil-kil” instead of saying his name fully)
  • a few instances of me and my co-op partner hearing lines of dialogue that the other player doesn’t hear (no audio, no subtitles, no picture of the NPC speaking in the top right, no video playing for one of us but is for the other)
  • if one of us loads into an area faster than the other, the game will start playing the area/story dialogue for whoever loads in first and when the second person loads in they’ve missed half of what the NPC was saying

do you have any sort of spatial audio headset that has this 7.1/5/1 surround sound ? Set it back to stereo. Problem solved.

no I don’t, my headset is in stereo

and you set your audio settings to headphones in-game ?

i’ve tried setting it both to the default (which i think is ‘small speaker’) and headset, and both options have had audio issues

can you check in windows if you are set to 48khz or 44khz ? I believe you need to be set to 44khz

currently i have my headset on 48Hz but i’ll give 44.1Hz a try and see if that fixes some of what i listed