Audio mixing issue

Hi everyone, and hopefully Gearbox!
I have been a long time Borderlands fan, loved all the games. Last year I bought Borderlands 3 and have been playing it almost daily, amassing around 200+ hours. Through those hours I’ve encountered problems and issues, but overall, I’ve had a good time, my main issue with the technical side of the game is the Audio Mixing. To put it bluntly, its a mess. Sound effects are extremely loud (especially explosions), voices are muffled, and the amazing, well designed and orchestrated soundtrack, is barely hearable, even when turning down all my audio settings. Look, I get it, the gun sounds were meticulously designed, and the audio is genuinely draw dropping, but so is the music. Music in Borderlands games have always been good, but Borderlands 3 takes the cake, so its a shame that I cant enjoy it as much in-game as on a YouTube video. Gearbox, if you’re reading this, please, improve the mixing.
Be good, be safe,
Love you all.
-Digby the shiny new addition to Krieg’s meat bicycle.


You can adjust the audio settings relatively easily to suit your preferences. I like the music but can’t stand the constant screams from elemental effects so I usually lower my SFX and dialogue to around 70% while the music stays cranked to 100%

Yeah I have done that too, it still feels off when certain sound effects aren’t audible, some are really loud too, and the screams of enemies can also be an issue, this is the first time I’ve ever experienced an issue like this in a Borderlands game.

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Damn, guess I wasn’t the only one. I couldn’t be get as excited as others about the OST on launch because it’d always get drowned out. Even when tinkering with the settings, the music always fades into the background instead of pumping me up for the combat. I can make the music louder than everything else but it still feels off.

As good as the soundtrack is, it left a flat impression on me because of the mixing :confused:


Same here - in BL1/2 OST was front and center, I still get chills when I enter Skag Gully :slight_smile:

I spent quite some time tweaking audio settings in BL3 - at some point I found that Headphone mode produced the best result :man_shrugging: . Blamed my surround sound for a bit, but quick check with BL1 told me it’s not the hardware.


Yeah I’m an audiophile and the mixing is frankly baffling. It’s pretty glitchy on old consoles too, much better on PS5.

I turned dialogue completely off on my PS4.

It sounds like there’s some iffy sidechaining going on.

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totally agree with this post , 2022 and same issue , when i try to “fix” music is barely noticeable even when max volume , sound effects are too loud , like guns and explosions , when i turn it down to the desired level then something becomes unaudible like for example the car engine sounds becomes non existent , also i had to turn down the dialogue volume since my character which is flak everytime he jumps and fall down he does annoying sounds

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