[Audio] Music not playing at times


I’ve noticed that what I hear and what my brother hear when we’re playing co-op is different. In the Atlas HQ he had commented that the music was really interesting, but I wasn’t really hearing anything. Then when we were driving the Double D on the way to the Promethean vault I wasn’t hearing the rock music Maya had commented on. My brother could hear it fine, though.

I’m playing with a headset on. I can hear everything else fine. I’m using Discord but so is he. I’m not sure what the problem could be. I checked the settings and even turned everything all the way up, but still couldn’t hear the music. Anyone know what could be the problem?

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Same here. My wife and I play in her world/game and I don’t hear the Double-D at all! I’m sad about it, because the soundtrack seems AWESOME!

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I’m glad I’m not alone on this, it was really bumming me out.

Now that you mention it, I always join my brother’s game, and he can hear it but not me. I guess that’s the pattern.

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The issue may be caused by a September windows update - KB4515384 - and its affecting more than just this game. Microsoft know about it and say a fix will be released later this month.

In the meantime you can do two things, both of which worked for me;
1- uninstalling the update temporarily will resolve the issue.
2-Enable some type of spatial sound in windows (either Windows Sonic for Headphone (free) or Dobly Atmos for Headphones (payed)) and enable the spacial sound option in the sound options menu.

I couldn’t hear any npc if I faced away from them. I tried both the option 1 and 2 above and both worked for me.

Hopefully it’s easy to patch out. I didn’t hear audio for one of the Vids you have to watch on the ship now, so I think it’s getting worse. I’ve re-installed hoping it works.

So far, I think it’s fixed. Now they can work on frame drop/lag and it’ll be perfect.

Seems fixed to me as well. Really glad they addressed this!

Sorry to bump, but still having this issue when playing with my bro on Mac machines. He is on MacBook Pro m1 and I am using an M1 Mac mini. When we co-op, no music plays. Single player offline, music works fine. Anything I can try to fix?