Audio out of sync with cutscenes

like the title states, I’m having issues where the audio in cutscenes is out of sync with each other. I have tried looking for a fix but I can’t find one. If anyone else is having this issue or has fixed it please help a fellow vault hunter out. BTW I play on PC.


I have the same problem. It spoils the impression of the game.


I also have this problem. Audio is way off.

I did not have this problem until the Bloody Harvest patch. Now the audio for the cutscene after you fight Troy is always out of sync.


Simply Unreal
…i hate the patch and the bloody harvest! It’s messing up my audio after troy too

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Sometimes this sort of issue can be caused by the hdmi cord. Perhaps, try another.
Sometimes the tv/monitor sync with the system degrades over time, slowly, and fixed by turning the monitor off, then back on to resync. If this fixes it, then you have to perform this periodically.

Later patches have created this. It’s hilarious.

same. videos after troy fight are out of sync every time i fight him. its kind of annoying.


Same issue here, there are voice delay in the cutscene after troy fight, other cutscene works fine, i play on ps4 btw.

Same here im on ps4 just bought the game after Christmas and i get to troy battle and im like what why is it delayed gearbox you need to fix this soon

Bump. Ps4. After defeating Troy the entire cut scene’s audio is not synchronized. They speak and their lips move afterwards, it really ruined the scene.

Same. Ps4. First time playing it was fine. Every playthrough since it’s been off. Most noticeably (and consistantly) during the cut scene directly after you defeat Troy Its at least 5-6 words off. During the Tyreen kills her Dad cutscene, Lilith disappears, and sometimes there’s stuttering.

I am also having this issue. I m playing on a PC with TV and i do not know if the problem is cable or compatibility
Does anyone know if changing HDMI works?