Audio stuttering/slowdown glitch

I am experiencing a periodic/frequent audio issue where all audio slows down, goes out of synch and has a stuttering quality of varying degrees of severity. This includes background music, dialogue, and ALL sound effects (weapons fire, ability use, impacts, etc). It seems to most often start when a lot of enemies are onscreen and multiple elemental effect sounds occur close together (exploding barrels’ burning, bubbling or freezing sound; flamethrowers; other elemental AoE effects), and then persists until exiting/restarting the game or fast traveling to a new area (from a planet to Sanctuary, one region to another, etc).

I had played for upwards of 20 hours on Pandora, experimenting with multiple characters before settling on Amara and proceeding onwards. The issue first occurred while exploring Lectra City on Promethea, and has since occurred multiple times there, as well as on Athenas, and Skywell-27 (all playing as Amara). I am playing on an Xbox One S, and the audio issue is exclusive to Borderlands 3 - I have quit the game and immediately started a different game with no issues, in addition to the fact that fast traveling to another area corrects it.

This isn’t what I would call a “game-breaking” bug, since only the audio lags and stutters, not the animations, and it hasn’t stopped progress. But it is intensely distracting and immersion breaking, and takes a lot of enjoyment from the game. I haven’t found any info on this particular audio issue, though there appear to be other common ones on other consoles. Any information on how to correct this (I read a number of “spatial sound” comments, but that doesn’t appear to even be an option on Xbox), would be greatly appreciated; or if it is a known issue that may be patched at some point. Thank you.

If you’re running the game at maximum resolution and frame rate and it gives you the option, try dropping one or the other. The game does a LOT of processing between the lighting, VFX, etc., and the more there is on screen at any one time the greater the load.

If I understand correctly, the game should use whatever system audio settings you have where possible? I’m still running on original XB1 with a TV, so most of the options that might be there aren’t available for me to check out anyway.

You can also drop in a line to 2K support - the link is in the pinned thread at the top of this section.

Thank you for your suggestions, unfortunately I don’t see an option to adjust either of those graphics settings in game, and I’m not sure what system audio settings I could poke to change things in game. I’m also running to a TV, but my Day One Xbox One finally gave up the ghost and I had to “upgrade” - I went with the lowest price point at the time, which was the disc-drive less version of the Xbox One S; “Online Only” I believe was the tagline on it. So, I imagine I am in basically the same position you are with limited options visible.

I had wondered about the official support route, and had missed the link you mention entirely. I will send them my information to see if they have any thoughts. I feel powerfully frustrated, as I just wanna play this awesome game, darnit!

Oh well. thank you again for taking the time to respond!