Aura of annoyance and lore

Do you get credit if you kill a minion with the damage over time with AoA or only the final crashdown attack? This is my only lore challenge left.

I’m not sure, but I imagine it would work either way since other characters can do things like that and have it count. I’d suggest going into a private campaign match (probably The Algorithm) and just kill the minions on normal after hitting them once with the boomerang.

I believe it does work, yes.

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i did this solo on algorithm if you go through the campaign until the ice room where you have to break the shards to unfreeze the minions, clear out the room except the one at the back that has the large boomer (i cant rem the name )
its blue but if you just run in and then out of the room with out killing it it spawns about 4-8 little ones i kite them around the room outside spawna few more and wait my cooldown got the 200 in about 20 mins

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Alternatively, just farm Geoff stage 2 where he endlessly spawns boombots and blade bots.

If you have the Helix for Fetch that pulls everything, try to kite and lien up the blade bots to prep the mwith Fetch then use the Stealth Strike to finish them off.

Stage 2 Geoff is when he gets his first Firmware upgrade. He spawns alternative waves of Boom Bots that can be one-shot by Stealth Strike, and the Blade Bots.
This process starts off small with just 2 or 3 of either at a time, but eventually he will spawn about 7 per wave. I got the achievement this way, and ISIC’s similar achievement in about a half hour each.

After you get Geoff’s attack patterns down this is a very easy way to farm lore achievements for anyone that needs “minions” or “enemies”.

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