Aura of Justice - Just an annoyance

OK the PvP side vs the PvE player enjoyment again.

If you play KU in solo PvE…Aura of Justice is nothing but an annoyance.

I’m furious over this. :skull:


Ah, yeah that should be made where it applies to yourself


Doesn’t it? I ran an Op solo and maxed out his “assists from Aura of Justice” Lore challenge.

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Huh, perhaps

You can always buff buildables :sunny: i think?

I am pretty sure I was getting them solo on the ops too

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Sooo does it buff him or no because if not then that’s so lame.

they explictly stated that they changed his old passive to the aura so that he would get buffs while solo. if it doesn’t buff him, it’s a bug and will be fixed by next thursday


Beautiful picture! :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m pretty sure it counts. They even specifically stated that it was a concern of theirs on the stream

Thanks for the feedback.
If this is a bug I’m glad.

Not sure how you guys planned on testing this solo but I just tested it on Sabo.
At all times, before any gear changes or any Helix changes, Aura or not the rockets are doing 62 damage max.
If the Aura was working I’d see at least a 5% increase, but nope.

Depending on whether it is something they can fix in a hotfix or not. Otherwise we have to wait for the next content patch/large update.

just tested it in operation, story, and PvP. my observations:

in solo operation and story- any kills no matter whether major/minor kills gives (i think) the major aura that lasts for the full duration. however, there is no attack damage buff whatsoever. I tested it with enemies inside the aura and outside to see if that helped.

When i did it in PvP, both major and minor enemies put up the proper aura, but again, no attack buff to KU.

I’ve also noticed that the tier 5 helix that changes his minor buff to health regen doesn’t effect him, except maybe a split second of health regen that comes up on the HUD. now i’m wondering if any of these buff the allies in KU’s aura or not. I don’t have an extra controller- can someone check it out?

So @Jythri @gRANT @whoeverthehellcanhelp, is this intentional or a bug?


…I think we can safely call it the first PvP specific character to the game.

Pendles, Reyna, Ghalt pre-trap change, and El Dragon.

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Eh, Pendles and Reyna both have their places. Mainly Pendles in Algorithim and Reyna in the OP. Besides that, poor dragon

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…Agree Pendles and Reyna are awesome in PvE solo and specific team uses.

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  • Pendles can hold his own with life steal Kamas, and his ability to be the team (revive) baby sitter with perma stealth and +30% move speed is something to note. I’d rather play him over some of the other characters in terms of effectiveness.
  • With Reyna it comes down to the fact supports aren’t really needed all that much in PvE, nor is rewarding if you play like one. So if the support can’t be effective at combat then they aren’t good at PvE. Personally I don’t like Reyna, and I’d say she is the the worst PvE character. None of her skills or helix choices are satisfying to use there, and her survivability is based on teammates that never seem to be near me.
  • Ghalt lacked the wave clear, but so long as there was only one stun-able enemy to fight at a time he had almost no rival in his effectiveness. He wasn’t one of the top 5, but he is far from PvP specific. And Barrier solved most of his survivability problems.
  • And maybe I just love him a lot and was really efficient with him, but El Dragon before he was massacred was one of the best PvE characters out there. He had so much going for him, and really only Galilea and level 10 Boldur were better melee PvE characters. I’d even him rank above S&A, as just like pre level 10 Boldur the only things she’s good at is not dying. He has…
  • A good damage impact AoE
  • DoT AoE
  • 8 second 30% AoE weaken
  • multi-target primary and secondary
  • AoE knock up
  • 30% damage reduction
  • shield and health heal
  • bigger AoEs
  • 8 second 16% universal damage amp that I can apply whenever
  • 100% life steal on a multi-target skill
  • Massive AoE 2 second stun Ult that also more than doubled my primary DPS
  • And a 133 damage AoE the can “bore” enemies, as I’ve insta-phased the Galactic Emperor without even touching him. Or an AoE with damage on par with Fragcendiary grenade, that I can make massively large depending on whatever suits my fancy.

And after the nerf to the Chrono Key and to Blight, I’d say he was the second best character to use in the Renegade with only Kleese beating him. And even after the nerf in the +85 OPS I was conservative as hell, but I showed up the Attikus and I think OM I was playing with. I died way less and could actually reliably secure kills unlike the other 2. He is by no means good anymore, but he didn’t just melt like I thought he would. Although part of that probably spawned from how proficient I am with him.

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…Remind me to never get you angry :smile:

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Eh, I find Reyna amazing in the Op. Her ult saves so often in Aria’s room, crits are easy, priority target on enemy death makes killing fun, etc