Aura of Justice - Just an annoyance

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #22

Yeah the OPS made a lot of the PvP cast shine unlike they ever will in the main story. They left the health scaling at normal mode levels, and capped it at 3 player scaling. While the enemies now however have massively increased damage, making TTK way more important and rewarding when it comes to focusing a single enemy just like in PvP. Allowing those characters that are only designed to kill Battleborn fast to actually feel good. Plus escape skills are no longer useless things you never use, you actually want Claw Lunge to live instead of just using it for map traversal. Tanky characters like Boldur that have massive survivability actually are needed and are used. I no longer just sit in a gang bang of Skulks and not care as I slowly kill them all pre level 10. His survivability means something, and I don’t think my damage reduction infused 2000 physical shield was ever even used in the base game, let alone did it break like it does now.

Characters like Boldur, Deande, and Mellka went from meh, to really damn useful in an instant. Idk if I like this, but I guess it was really good for them.

And I only died once as Reyna when I solo’d it at 100 OPS. It was after I killed the second sister and I got really lazy and didn’t want to be playing her anymore. I had like 12 lives and I was like “whatever” as I just stood there and let Aria Javelin me in the face because I could. :stuck_out_tongue:

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