Aurelia And Her Change Of Heart

So I decided to play through the pre sequel again and I found that her character compared to 3 was incredibly different. For starters, her brother was incredibly adamant that he wanted nothing to do with her - insulting her and dismissing her request to stay with him a while. Yet in 3, he’s a lot more timid regarding her.

And while I know she disagreed with Jack near the end and that it’s been been addressed on the forums about how it would be weird she’d agree to join the Calypsos- I however noticed something else.

When going on to do the Holodome, Axton and Gaige arrive and say they’ve been hunting vaults on other planets. And that Lilith ordered them not to kill the vault hunter they’d found and instead bring her back as a war is coming. And it’s then said that it’s Aurelia they’ve brought back - going on to say how she’s mean and…well a bitch.

Was it ever explained what happened with that? Did she try working with the Crimson Raiders for a while and that’s why Hammerlock went to Eden 6? Or is that something that hasn’t been explained yet?

I could have imagined that she’d have been quite the asset, although a rude one at that, in training the Raiders. Much like how Tannis was using Digistruct Peak to train them…or was that also non canon?

I may have missed an echo about it so I’d love to hear from anyone if they know.


Whole BL3 is more like a side-story, so non-cannon :slight_smile:


It’s unfortunate that the more I go back to play the last games, the more questions I have regarding certain choices they made in 3. :confused:


The Watcher: “War is coming and you’ll need all the vault hunters you can get”

Axton, Maya, Zer0, Salvador, Gaige and Krieg: “OK, brb for 10 years.”

Brick, Mordecai and Tina: “No, Lilith is mean, we go afk.”

Athena: “I’ll just disappear for no reason.”

Yeah, there are bigger loopholes. The new writers instead of playing safe with the story, tried to reboot it, resulting in lots of bros, poop jokes, blood feuds and alikes.


BL3 is not the war from TPS ending, thats why it’s more like side-story.


I was a bit surprised to see Aurelia as an enemy, if I recall the promotional material showed her alongside Alistair and Wrainright


Oh yeah definitely but replaying this part in the pre sequel, I couldn’t remember if it was ever mentioned what happened with it. I could well imagine that she thought then too poor to work with whereas Jack was working for a big company. And the COV looked promising in terms of power and accumulating potential wealth.

There are maaaany plot holes I could talk about. But was mainly curious if this one had been addressed or not. But it looks like it was something else that was glossed over.

Oh that I can tell for sure. But it was still weird to me how she was found, brought back to Pandora by Axton and Gaige (I doubt they’d kidnap her or force her to help so she came willingly we assume) as part of the ‘gather all the vault hunters you can’ for it to just be flipped to her being a bad guy. I thought there’d have been a log at least to say she’d abandoned them.

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The trailer was very deceiving which made me really sad. And I know trailers aren’t always accurate but we saw Rhys and Tannis working together, the B Team having some kind of role, Aurelia with her brother and most importantly to me - Lilith actually being badass and showing her usual fiery attitude whilst commanding the Raiders. Being a leader.

Very different from what we got :frowning:


We also saw a giant varkid boss that is nowhere to be seen in the game


Dispite GBX insisting for the past 3 years they went going to reveal BL3 until they where prepared and able to set expectations they didn’t do a very good job. They got overly excited which is understandable but the trailers show off a ton of characters and then few of them actually had a big impact on the narrative.
TPS over all is a captivating but slightly confused story. The game was partiality ment to explain how Jack got where we was. He comes off as a self absorbed sociopath similar to what we see in BL2. However in BL2 we got inklings of a deeply troubled individual hiding behind the Mask. BLTPS dosen’t even remotely touch on that. In reality BL3 sheds more light on Jack’s back story in 20 minutes then TPS dose in a whole game.
I think part of the intention was to move forward with the BL2 story as it ended in the Fight for Sanctuary. With how many different people have contributed to the Borderlands universe over the past 10 years and how small Gearbox actually is it’s understandable that they miss some details when focusing on the bigger stuff.

Also considering they need to get rid of some characters to make way for others I’m not surprised they did a 180 on her character.

I think Borderlands might be falling into that trap that you used to see in a lot of long running TV series where they set up a lot of interesting stuff to keep you hooked without ever wrapping up the loose threads. In TV it was because they were afraid they were going to lose viewers if they ever paid off a storyline. I never buy it there and I don’t buy it here.

I honestly wouldn’t mind if there were some DLCs or quest lines that closed the book on some characters without having to kill them off. Athena is one of my favourite characters in the series, but I would be fine if we got a small feel-good headhunter style DLC of her and Springs getting hitched and rocketing off to a quiet planet somewhere. They could have some future cameos, but if they don’t show up we don’t have to worry about them.


I have to disagree regarding the pre sequel. I thought the story was decent and fit in well with the universe. And it did kinda leave a couple of questions - such as why on earth Jack would trust Moxxi so much. But I think it was a very interesting look into his character and his descent into madness. 3 didn’t really answer much other than that he wasn’t lying about Angel accidentally killing her mother. And that the echo log had the two of them expressing love for one another - that he made it so she could see the world from where she was. Everyone says he only put her in there to use her but I think he hid her away and let her see the world because he cared about her. Being able to use her probably happened after his descent to madness - where he wasn’t the same. Because otherwise, why wouldn’t he have just used her power to render Helios useless until he got back control?

But uh, different topic. Weird how most of my posts always revert to Jack. (I love him and his arc so don’t mind but still).

I thought there would have been something, even just an echo that said that Aurelia thought the Raiders leader to be weak willed and that she was too good for them. That would have been enough for me because she was very snobby like that. “I’d love to help you darling but the truth is that you can’t afford me.”

It’s still weird to me that she greatly disapproved of Jacks actions at the end of the pre sequel BUT because she’s rocking the bed with Troy (confusing as I thought she’d consider him a mutt) she’s happy to destroy the universe. And it’s not like it’s a secret motive, Tyreen is very vocal about it xD

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I’m really hoping for an Athena DLC. Give her some love and have Janey return with the grinder - give us something to do with all those legendaries. Make it so that it saves as it grinds and have three of the same weapon in to come out with a random anointment. Give us something to do with the eridium we’ve collected.

It’s also be nice to have a zero gravity area (was hoping skywell would do this) so that we actually utilise slam. I used it all the time on the pre sequel. Maybe a large arena Athena trains in and has set up for us with challenges and a final surprise raid boss - such as the boss Varkid we saw.


Well Athena and Janey got married, so that’s kind of a good reason for her abscence imo.

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With the new Maurice side mission, I’m concerned they might be doing this to Marcus too.

At the end of it Marcus says the only reason Sanctuary is still together is because they’d shoot each other in the back. Marcus is greedy scumbag yes, but I feel its been established that he thinks of Sanctuary as his family.

Although, the mission does reveal about Marcus that he has fears of getting too close to people, and assumes people are just out there to hurt him. This might be a sign that even if he hangs out with us, he’s still afraid to fully embrace and trust us. I really hope future developments of Marcus push through with this idea.


Marcus was selling guns to the bandits who kidnapped Roland in Borderlands 2 and straight-up told them they should use them against the Crimson Raiders. His loyalties have always been questionable at best.


That’s true. I guess I just want a “redemption arc” for him somehow, his reaction to Roland’s death and dialogue at the beginning of Talon of God made him so much more likable and 3-dimensional for me.


As an assassin / bounty hunter I can see Athena completely avoiding Sanctuary and anyone now tied with Lilith. After being saved by The Watcher from being executed by Lilith’s order it would still cause tensions.
So the best course of action I would expect is that she would start a new life with Janey Springs.
Maybe we will see her come back and forgive Lilith for her actions.


That makes a lot of sense. I don’t think BL3 base would have had enough room to focus on her relationship with the raiders, and I’m sure they wanted to explore that. A lot of the old VHs are only now coming together, and maybe Lilith sacrificing herself to save Pandora could help with that.

I mean, it is Borderlands. We can expect anything to happen such as a resurrected General Knoxx riding Butt Stallion across the galaxy to arm wrestle Torgue over a stack of blueberry skagcakes.