Aurelia build - What do you think?

So I am planning to play Aurelia soon, never played her before.

Came up with this + Celestial Baroness CM.

I am still unsure about gear, but I’ll come up with something. The top gear thread is very nice.

My main concern is, where to put points after level 60? I am not interested in the contract tree because it relies on coop. Something I almost never do.

So… what do you think? Are there better CMs than the Celestial Baroness?

Thanks in advance.

I’d move 4 points out of Winter’s Veil and put them in either Frigid Touch for more healing with cryo weapons or Frostbite, which adds a great amount of extra cryo damage to enemies struck by the Shard. 1 point in Winter’s Veil is enough to get the cryo nova which does OK damage but has a high chance of freezing an enemy. Putting more points into it just increases its damage. The chance to freeze is still the same,

I’d throw one point into Bitter Riposte because it is boosted by the Celestial Baroness COM and it is good at freezing enemies.

Whiteout’s reduced damage is good, but it only works with nearby enemies. When your Shard is active, a blue ring will signify how close “nearby” enemies will get reduced damage, which is pretty close. Some people don’t like it because of the snow effect that also appears when this skill is active. In the end, it’s up to you if you want this skill.

I’d consider putting points into Culling the Herd for the extra damage after a crit, which I find particularly easy with shotguns, as well as I Never Miss and Custom Loads if you are mainly going to use snipers. Both of these skills can be quite devastating if you can aim pretty well and time your shots.

Prudent Prudence is a decent skill, but it relies on you getting hurt. It’s just something to keep in mind, whether if the bonuses are worth it. I will say that the movement speed boost is pretty good and the damage bonus is useful but, since you have to get hurt to use it, I wouldn’t rely on it.

Level 70 build…maybe something like this:

COM wise, try to find a Chronicler of Elpis for Aurelia. It adds a lot of cryo damage and boosts Large Caliber, I Never Miss, Cold Advance and Frostbite (and Quality not Quantity, but you didn’t want to spec into that tree).

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Hey there.

Glad to hear the Top Gear list is helpful. You might want to look at the Aurelia skills guide too for your skill tree.

As for the right tree, you can max it using only non-coop skills except for the 3 points in contract and Valet, so it’s not entirely useless. I even have a solo build with the middle and right tree and it rocks pretty hard.

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I was deceived by the Whiteout description. Thanks for telling me about it.

Thanks. Will check that out.

Yeh, “Whiteout” really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. At all.

Can you also share your build with the right and middle tree? I am interested to see it. I am not sure which build to choose yet, but I like sniping so maybe I’ll use the one above. But we’ll see.

Still only level 3 with Aurelia ;-;

I am curious about the COM, why not Celestial Baroness? It’s the same as Chronicler of Elpis, but has +5 instead of +4. (though, not sure if it boosts cryo damage)

There’s my build, still upgrading.

The Baroness COM gives +5 to low tier skills. The Chronicler gives +4 to high tier skills.

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Both COM’s increase freeze chance. Chronicler of Elpis increases cryo damage but Celestial Baroness gives increased critical damage and ammo regen.
Comparing the skills boosted that you have specced into (in terms of more damage):

-Chronicler of Elpis boosts Large Caliber (more damage), I Never Miss (more damage with snipers), Cold Advance (more critical damage, as well as more action skill duration after a crit) and Frostbite (more cryo damage after being struck by your Shard)

-Celestial Baroness boosts Avalanche (more cryo damage) and Markswoman (more crit damage). Only the Best is aim speed and magazine size for snipers, Bitter Riposte is the ice shard projectile after being harmed and Duchess is more accuracy.
Both class mods boost Quality not Quantity, but I have ignored this because you didn’t want to spec into that tree.
I’d go with Chronicler of Elpis for the greater number of damage boosts, but Celestial Baroness is still pretty good.

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I see. Thanks both of you!

Can you recommend gear for the Sniper build? The Backhand slap build has the gear listed in the thread.

I was thinking about:


Naught shield. (74 - 76k capacity @ L 70. 5k shield recharge rate) Though, maybe I’ll replace it with something else. Any recommendations?

Storm Front (Homing) for shielded enemies, Longbow Cryo transfusion/Cryo Leech for normal enemies.

Skullmasher sniper rifle.

Proactive Fatale.

Heap’d Badaboom.

Not sure what else to use… Bullpup maybe? Or the Revolution legendary pistol in the Clappy DLC, or… what?

There’s a top gear thread for Aurelia.
I’m also using a generic sniper build for the Boss fights video thread.

Maybe that will give you some ideas.

Yeah I saw the top gear thread, just not sure which 4 weapons to use & shield to use. I already got 3. But dunno about Shield and fourth weapon.

For mobbing, i like a cryo snider (50% freeze chance, splash damage), a DP slapper (does 3x damage on frozen targets), a company man (bigger mag size than a bullpup, suffers less from LC mag penalty) and a droog (rips through badasses and your ammo)

For shields, I like an inflammable tediore shield to trigger BR and WV alot, and a Naught shield for Boss encounters.

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So I finally reached L70.

And I tried both builds.

But the one that axlerate proposed, I edited it a bit.

I find both really really really good. And backhand slap is really surprising because I never thought it would be THAT powerful.

Not really sure which one to use. I regularly switch. Anyway, here’s the final version of the axlerate build:

I use a Naught Shield with it. Sometimes my rare shield w/ fire immunity if there’s too many lasers and stuff.

I removed some points of skills that I thought wouldn’t be important with too many points. Also removed some points from ones which were boosted by the COM.

I use a Chronicler of Elpis COM with it.

Thoughts so far?

1 quick question: why did you put a point in Prudent Prudence? Do you use a class mod which boosts it? If not, 1/5 won’t give you much of a boost, so it will be better to put that point in Quality, Not Quantity.

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I found out that it’s not really worth it after a while. The time it’s active in is really short and the Naught makes sure I stay alive for a long time.

So I just left it with 1 point. And the CoE COM doesn’t boost it.

And will do, thanks. I guess it’s not worth it at all after all.

To be fair, I find that a point in Prudent Prudence is just about enough to finish off enemies that get frozen by either Bitter Riposte or, more likely, Winter’s Veil. It doesn’t add a massive amount of damage, but it’s handy to have.