Aurelia critical hit badass challenge bug

Title. I was going to complete a few badass challenges, and noticed that the counter for scoring critical hits with sniper rifle didn’t increase. Then I noticed the same applied to other guns and related challenges (shotgun, SMG, pistol, AR). Still it seems that the bug is triggered by a sniper, not sure though.

Anyway, the bug is related to some of Aurelia’s skills (other chars seem to work ok). Not sure if any class mods affect this too or not. When I reset all my skill points, the bug went away, and the counters were increasing again. Then I assigned the skill points again, and the bug came back as well. Then I reset again and I tried to activate the skills one by one, to see which one was the culprit… However, I wasn’t able to pinpoint that, maybe it is some combination of skills, or that the bug doesn’t activate itself immediately. Anyway, seems that some of the higher tier skills are the problem.

This happens both in Linux and Windows.

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I have the same problem, on the latest patch (post Claptrap DLC). Would really like to see this addressed…

I have the same problem. One of her Huntress Skill tree skills that gives bonuses for Sniper Rifle Critical Hits causes such to stop counting as such for purposes of Badass Ranks.

It’s still happening to me. Melon Splitter (get sniper rifle crits) is stuck at 373 for some reason.

I’m experiencing the same problem with all weapons with my Jack. I’m wondering if his kill skill Absolute Advantage is the issue for not having to reload as much


It is the elemental damage bonus/buffs of your weapon or kill skills that is affecting it.

The DoT from the Elemental affect is overriding your critical hit and not counting it.

I found this out tonight playing with Jack who has a capstone skill called “Sponsored By” that lets you transfer bonuses from one gun to another.

For example, the issue I had with Jack, is say you have a Cryo Maliwan Sniper that has 30% chance to Cryo. With Jack, you can select that weapon, swap to any other weapon and it gets that Cryo chance plus a 25% elemental damage buff.

this was cancelling out all critical hits if I swapped from my Cryo Maliwan sniper to another weapon.