Aurelia: First thoughts?

I’m only in Helios station so far… what she says is pretty funny, but how she says it may take some getting used to. I’m looking forward to some more attitude though (which should be even funnier through the lens of her aristocratic accent).

Also, I have to remember to not run through the game, or all the NPCs will talk over each other and I’ll miss her dialog.

edit - wow, Sir Hammerlock is mad :grimacing:

Awesome, pure awesome! She has the potential to become my favourite character. As of now she’s among the top three.

I wasn’t too taken with the second skill tree until I used her action skill. Must have more cryo!

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Starts with two purple weapons and $35k. love it.


I haven’t the chance to play as Aurelia at this moment but judging from her action skill and her skill trees, she seems like a cryo-based version of Mordecai. Of course, I’ll need to play her to make an official judgment, but that was one of my first thoughts when I saw her skill trees and her trailer.

My other thought was that it’s like Gearbox combined Cruella and Elsa and ended up with Aurelia. My main “disappointment” (if you can call it that) with TPS is the apparently lack of at least one Frozen reference in the game—that is, until Aurelia’s skill trees were unveiled, and the quote under Winter’s Fury is a reference to it.

The more I watch of her the more I wish she was in BL2.

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Just played her to level 6. I already had a cryo set-up on my Jack, this is going to be fun.

My first thoughts when I saw her 3rd skill tree

“I need some friends to play with”

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just made it to concordia with her last night, right now just think “meh, she’s OK” will just have to see how she fleshes out further into the game

Ha, exactly what I said. (That and I need time off from school so I could actually have time to play)

I will download her tonight and try to get to Concordia at least. Excited to go full sniper.

She also has a great line when she launches the action skill “Oh, let it go!”

I haven’t got to play with her yet, but my FIRST impression was something along the lines of, WOW (!!!) why couldn’t the OTHER characters have had such gorgeous clothing/hair color combinations?

That, and I totally dug the nod to Grace Jones. :wink:

I really like her snarky comments but she gets too quiet - too fast. Better than repeating comments I guess but need more of her humor.

She should have a skill where she throws money on the ground and when the bandits go to pick it up she stabs them in the back! Or bundles of cash that explode on contact!

Not liking her character aside, might buy this character.

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Shes amazing

Got her to level 6, still maining the purple sniper I started with. She is a beast, and the conversation when she first meets Moxxi is awesome. Bummed about some “missing” dialogue where she is quiet when the other VHs normally speak, but I know she is going to be one of my main classes.

Also, playing and speccing her as a sniper seems very reminiscent of my homeboy Mordecai’s gameplay from back in the day. Really stoked. Well done GBX!

Love the gameplay, love the action skills, there is something satisfying about checking a crate getting shot from behind and turning around to find a frozen blob of XP waiting for you.

The dialogue is entertaining, but I can’t hear most of it because i have earplugs in because I…

HATE HATE HATE The accent. it’s even worse that Pickles “Mockney” It wouldn’t be so bad if it was a female version of Sir hammerlocks but it not even close… it’s like no accent ever.

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Try to play in another language. The German VO is quite good and bearable. :smile:

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I’m from germany, too. couldn’t play Aurelia yet, but its nice to know her dialogues are good.

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