Aurelia flakker bug?

Anyone else having issues with Aurelia and the flakker spread? I use it on all my other toons but it seems that the spread is almost unusable for her. Is it interacting with only the best…maybe bullet dpeed boost wrecking the spread?

Yep, its Only the Best wrecking the spread. You can’t really use the flakker effectively with that skill speeced.

What does it do to the spread?

Ok so bullet speed fks with the Flakker so hard. I don’t know why exactly but i think it makes the cube of splosions more like a superthin rectangle of explosions into something different, making it downright impossible hard to use with bullet speed


Bullet speed causes the pellets to travel farther before they explode which causes the spread to widen.
All of this stuff is in my flakker guide.

I tried looking stuff up all I found was one of your quotes saying to aim to the left with 5/5 Vel0city

Videos have a lot more.
I’ll do one about bullet speed soon, I should be able to shortly.

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