Aurelia Hammerlock pack – available on January 27, 2015

The Baroness is almost here!!

Also worth mentioning:

“Since Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel launched on October 14th 2014, the teams at Gearbox and 2K Australia have continued to work hard on supporting the game with post-launch content, with more to come. ***The fourth and final add-on pack in the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Season Pass will set players off on a brand new campaign set inside the mind of Claptrap. It may be one of the weirdest things in the Borderlands universe to date, so stay tuned for updates as development progresses!***”


YYYYAAAAAAA. More stuff because I need to

I’m going to bet that her class mod is the small emblem on her left arm. Hopefully her skill tree will be added to the official calculator shortly.

EDIT: also, according to the official description, Sir Hammerlock’s first name is Alistair. Anyone else know that or is this the first time it has been said?

Is she comimg early for seaon pass holders?

Na its coming out tuesday

We’ll have much more info on just how badass Aurelia is in the weeks ahead […]

Does that even make sense since Aurelia will be released in two days?

Maybe there will be more content in addition to her release.

I literally just bought Borderlands 2 on Steam out of boredom before I saw this lol. Guess I’m playing TPS campaign a few more times! Definitely excited about Aurelia!!

Glad to have the pack.

… but Hammerlock is Zarpedon’s son? …

I thought Aurelia was Zarpedon’s daughter, so if Aurelia is Hammerlock’s sister … then?



I am wrong.

That was Britania and not Aurelia. So, no Zarpedon relation to the Baroness as I first thought there would be.

There is a hotfix/patch coming out that makes EVERY boss farmable too

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source please ?

Twitch livestream that is already over during pax south gets released in a month confirmed by a 2K australia employee

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Yeah it was on the livestream, said it would still be at least a month until it hits but its coming.

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Did they say that all those bosses will have assigned drops ?

And will all legendary items have an assigned drop source ?

I think all they said was all the bosses will be respawnable, so I guess if they had drops those drops are still attached to them, but as far as other guns without a source there is no news.

The mind of claptrap!!!

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We can all thank Chris for re-spawning bosses.

Yup, this won’t be a polarizing issue at all…
eye roll

Some ppl are gonna be all “Aww man! I hate that stupid claptrap.”
but others are gonna be like “Awww Yeaaa! Hey, wanna here this new dubstep song I wrote?”


direct link to the video

Actual talking starts at 13:25

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I really need to finish the PS…curse you Destiny, taking all my free time!!!