Aurelia Head and skin list

Since no one’s made a skin and head guide for Aurelia, I decided to try and make one. I don’t have any way of adding images so, there won’t be pictures. I’ll be breaking the list down into two sections, heads and skins that you have at the start, and heads and skins that you unlock as you play.

Any additional info, corrections, or pictures would be welcome.

Default Heads:
Amazing Grace
Cruel Streak
Guardian Crown
Vacation Souvenir

Default Skins:
I Might Buy A Manufacturer
The Spirit Of Malevolence
Aurelia’s Designer
For Bank Holidays
For Light Brunches
For Heavy Brunches
Who Uses Cash Anymore
Cash In Hand
Rising Interest Rates
Sacre Bleu
Cerulean Forms
Sadness Is For The Poor
Joune Jacket
The Gold Standard
Legendary Lady
The Stuff Of Legends
Talk Wealthy To Me
Upper Class Garments
Pale As A Pauper
I Despise This Color
Positively Dreadful
Don’t Make Me Wear This
Mauve Mistress
Noir Couture
Welcome To Bright Veil
How I Long To Kill One
Rose Claire
Vault Hunter Resplendent

Unlockable Heads(I have not unlocked any heads yet. Apologies)
Ghost Vision (Rare Drop from RedBelly. Credit for this info goes to HoundofBootHill)
Austere Adornments (Rare Drop from RedBelly)
Exceptional(Reward for completing The Voyage Of Captain Chef mission, Credit goes to HoundofBootHill)
Mad Couture(Reward for completeing Cleanliness Uprising mission. Credit goes to HoundofBootHill)
Death Masque(Random Drop? Credit goes to HoundofBootHill)

Unlockable Skins:
Evening Wear
Scav Rustbukit
Dahl NCO
Vladof Hammer
Girl In Gold Bottes
Mistress Money (Unlocked after completing Rank 3 of the A Chunk Of Purist Green Challenge)
Tediore After Market (Slot Machine Reward)
My Favourite Colour (Unlocked after completing Rank 3 of the Scrounging Around Challenge)
Greed Is Lovely (Reward for completing the Grinders mission)
Jacobs Ideals (Unlocked after completing Rank 3 of the Trigger Happy Challenge)
Jacobs Quality (Unlocked after Completing Rank 5 of the Gunslinger Challenge)

I’m supposed to have Vault Hunter Prime but for some reason it’s gone from my skin list. I opened a thread about it and the Doppelganger’s lack of Vault Hunter Prime and Resplendent skins in the PS3 support section.

I will be updating this thread as I unlock skins and heads and will include the requirements for those items.

That’s all for the moment. Again, any help at improving this thread would be greatly appreciated. I deeply apologize at how basic this thread looks. This is the best I can do with what I have at hand.


This head (purple rarity) popped from the Redbelly’s tummy:

Here you can find all the heads and skins (video):

If you want to add them you could make screenshots of them. The names are in German but that shouldn’t matter if you add the pictures right beneath the English name in the list, though.

I like that head. Dude, you got lucky. I’ve farmed RedBelly three times, and he’s dropped Skin and Head customizations that I already unlocked. I’ll try farming him some more this evening.

Would you mind if I added that to my OP? I’ll make sure to credit you for it.

I was considering doing that, and in fact I had found a video of someone who had unlocked all of the heads and skins, and this individual speaks English. I didn’t do that because I didn’t have all of the skins and heads this individual had unlocked, and I felt that making a list based on what I already had with regular updates would be a better and safer solution. One of the skins he had was called Gearbox.

I have the PC version of TPS, so I may fire that up at some point and take some screen caps that way.

Go ahead, if my luck continues, will post more.

Okay, interesting thing happened while farming RedBelly. I got Austere Adornments from him, Blue quality.

Is it even possible to get two different heads from the same boss?

Weird I started out with this head

As there seems to be some confusion over the heads of Aurelia, decided to post my default heads. These 4 are the ones I started with:

There is a head from the First Captain Chef mission

Thanks for remainder Yoda. The Captain Chef mission reward head looks like this:

I sure miss Mirrorada’s great work on heads, and skins, from the old forums. We are amateurs compared to that google document list Mirror made.

Quest cleanliness uprising mission reward, (finally a hat for me !)

While doing that got this too, sadly no clue how it opened:

So, you got Death Masque as a random drop? Nice. Also, thanks for bringing it to my attention that the Mad Couture head is a quest reward and not a default head like I originally thought.

I’m pretty sure Death Mask came from some badass rank achievement because it just appeared to my head inventory. I was too busy chasing Scavs to take a notice to what I actually did, though it was not Death from above, which has a head reward, because I haven’t hit the level 5 in that category yet.
After cheating from Mirrorada’s document, I noticed, that Bosum has chance for head drop.
Went and killed the fool about 5 times,and out comes this:

Makes me think that bosses have shared head loot pool.

I think the fourth head you start with is kind of random, I think you get Aurelia Amazing Grace and Cruel Streak then a random one, I started with Mad Couture (This kind of sucks because after doing the mission it gave me an unusable head) but not Austere Adornments (I am playing on 360 maybe platform has something to do with this) I also started out with a 5th called Vacation Souvenir. I got one called Guardian crown after beating the Sentinel.

Yes. Yes it is.

Yea, I’m thinking you may be right about bosses having a shared loot pool, which makes nailing down where you get a specific head or skin kindda hard. And it’s not just bosses, I think all drops are drawn from one loot pool.

I remembered rolling three 7’s on one of the slot machines in Moxxi’s bar and getting a skin for my Gladiator, then later I killed a Scav and he dropped the same identical skin I had just received from the slot machine.

I’m guessing this is the Holodome head. Once again, it just appeared to my head inventory, when
fighting (almost) through it, but I saw this as a drop in there too. Come to think of in some of the early
stages, there was a head reward, but I chose the gun, of course.

Corrective info is welcome, feast your eyes on those cool alien eyes, and a weird hat.

Odd, I don’t recall seeing a situation in which you completed a quest and had the option of either choosing a head or a weapon as a reward. I’ll have to investigate that.

HoundofBootHill is correct, that head is from the holodome and you get the choice between the head or a weapon.

Okay, I finally got BL:TPS installed on my PC, so now I can start to put together a more comprehensive list. Which means, I’ll be doing a massive update to the OP. Hoping to work on that this coming week.

I just need to figure out how to get the images from Steam onto my PC.