Aurelia Head and skin list

I did not get the “Austere Adornments” head upon release. Is this head standard? If not where do you get it?
He has only dropped “Ghost Vision” for me.

I got that head from RedBelly. I think if you farm him enough times, you might get it.

I will try that. Thanks!

In regards to the guy having the Gearbox skin unlocked, for some reason I had that skin available to me when i downloaded her day one along with many other skins that I had obviously not obtained yet as I hadn’t even played her yet. So he may not have obtained it nefariously.

Has anyone gotten new skins and heads for her from the Clappy DLC?

I updated an old list and uploaded to google drive. Read my post:
Heads and Skins List

I got the “Traditional Tartan” skin for Aurelia and I’m REALLY disappointed and confused by it. I love plaid/tartan fabric and designs and I expected it to actually be tartan like the other toons’ skin are (my husband is playing Wilhelm and we got the skins at the same time. Wilhelm’s is awesome, Aurelia’s is disappointing). Instead it’s not, the only thing on it that is a tartan pattern is her hair, or depending on the head she is wearing, the brooch on her neck or part of a hat. Furthermore, what is weird is when you look at her gloves they are red but when you see them as she reloads a gun they are tartan. WTF? @joekgbx is it supposed to be like this or is it a bug?

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Can you show me a screen?

Yep. Here they are…

Only tartan is brooch on neck, not gloves or anywhere else.

Or with this head, the hair is tartan

this one as well

But not her clothes.

Note gloves are tartan while reloading

But not when you are looking at her in your menu, as another character or when in the New U Station.

Curious huh???

It sucks too because I really thought it would be so cool for her to be decked out in a tartan outfit. I’m really disappointed that this is what her “Traditional Tartan” turned out to be. I hope it is just a bug and not what they meant it to look look like. If it is just a bug, I hope it gets a fix.

Thanks for your reply and your interest in my not-so-important Aurelia fashion dilemma. You’re the best!

EDIT: After I posted the above last night, my husband and I started TVHM. I noticed that in the beginning during the cut scenes whenever she raises her hands her gloves are tartan there as well. WEIRD.

got death mask from zarpedon today.

Just wanted to point out something real quick. The Captain Pandora skin is not a default skin. I have two Gladiators on the PS3 version of BL:TPS and neither of them have that skin. Now, on the PC version I am running a Gladiator that does have that skin. Just thought you should know.

Thank you for pointing it out. I have been tracking down skins and heads as I unlock them. Some skins unlocked while I was working on another one. That particular skin and the next in the list were unlocked after an update, I can’t say which one. After some research, those skins are unobtainable, I mean, they are not objects that can be traded or found as loot. So, I supposed they were default. And still, you are right. I deleted my profile.bin to verify the default skins and it did not show up in my gladiator. If you find out how to unlock it I will appreciate your help. I play the PC version.

For Aurelia, the skins are Bold Statement and Garden State.

I will most certainly let you know when that happens. I suspect it’s a Challenge reward. I currently have a spreadsheet with all of the challenges that reward you with a customization for completing a level of the challenge.

Hmm, i see that the Traditional tartan skin is still faulty.

A pity as this would indeed be one of her better skins when correct.

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Okay, while perusing the BL wiki, I discovered how to obtain the Captain Pandora skin. The Captain Pandora skin is obtained by purchasing the Claptastic Voyage DLC.

I think Captain Pandora will be a default skin if you have a Borderlands 1 save I could be mixing them up and its for BL2 but I am pretty sure it is the first game, would that explain you having it show up as default on PC but not PS3 Have you played Borderlands 1 or 2 on that PC?

No. As I previously indicated to Jairramos, I have the Captain Pandora skin on the PC version, but not on the PS3 version. And I have BL1 and BL2 saves on both my PS3 and my PC. The only difference is I have the Claptastic Voyage DLC on my PC and not my PS3.

You receive the Vault Hunter Resplendent skin for having a BL2 save and Vault Hunter Prime skin for having a BL1 save. And I have played both BL1 and BL2 on my PC.

I puchased the game along with the season pass. Captain Pandora was not part of the list at first and it appeared way before the Claptastic Voyage was released. Could it be related to the season pass?

That I’m not sure about, although I doubt it. I bought BL:TPS when it was on sale on Steam along with the Season Pass, then I downloaded all the DLC, except for Claptastic Voyage, which was not available when I initially bought the game and season pass.

I’ll be buying the Claptastic Voyage DLC on the PS3 in the next few days so I’ll check it. I won’t be buying the Season Pass for the PS3 because it’s not worth it at this point, seeing as how I already have all of the DLC on the PS3 except for Claptastic Voyage.

UPDATE: Okay I have just confirmed that purchasing Claptastic Voyage unlocks both the Captain Pandora and Deadly Knightshade skins on PS3 without the Season Pass.