Aurelia vs Bosses

Inspired by a comment by @totocar2001

Talking 50-70 here, is there a build / loadout that allows Aurelia to solo comfortably hardcore bosses?

Specifically, EOS and Shadowtrap, but also any other TPS Boss.

Pre-stack 999 stacks of I Never Miss :P.


Boo-urns, party pooper!


There you go. There’s a subsection for Aurelia, you know. You just need to scroll down.

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Sweet, thanks!

He doesn’t know anything outside General Discussion and Spoiler Discussion

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Yeah, and when you miss once, you lose them all :smiley:

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It’s like losing all your Anarchy.

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Worse imo.

Anarchy loss can be stopped by Discord.

But I never Miss… hehehehe. I did it once during Holodome. Stacked the dummy in Deck 13, and went to the holodome. Missed a Chosen Power Suit.

Except that Gaige only says that quote if you prematurely reload without Discord. So it kinda works.

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Here is a beautiful kill. The guy did an excellent number on them.

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Damn that was impressive with such a short time took me 40 minutes on Normal to bring just EOS down. Granted I didn’t have the best weapons or equipment still that’s a pretty quick kill, definitely made that fight look easy.

Dude’s rockin’ some unusually perfect glitched weapons and got lucky as heck at the end when he had a sliver of health with no enemies for a second wind when those stray rockets hit him. Interesting thing about the build though: burning off three points to be able to max out Quality not Quantity.

Everything is perfect: that bulwark, the mod, 2 different perfect glitch practicable thinkings…hmmmm I wonder how long it took to farm all that stuff…