Aurelia's Crit Challenge Issue

With my level 45 Aurelia, I was trying to knock out challenges yesterday using the never-ending midget spawn in RedBelly’s. I’m on PS4 playing TPS in the Handsome Collection. I was trying to finish the “Melon Splitter Challenge” and I noticed that I stayed stuck at 362/400 and even though I was definitely getting critical hits, it did not budge. This is really frustrating!

I tested it today and it seems as though none of the critical hit based challenges are working. “Critical Reception” also will not increase and was stuck at 181/300. I tried using different snipers, elemental vs. non-elemental, and different manufacturers and it doesn’t seem to matter. I tried this with my husband’s Wilhelm Character and his Timmy Character and it works just fine for them, so this seems to be an Aurelia problem. I also tried being player two as opposed to player one (which I usually am) and that also didn’t fix it. I then removed “Long-Ranged Killer” out of my spec, as someone had suggested, to no avail.
I decided then to systematically test each skill to see if I could narrow it down to which skill in which tree might be the suspect. After a lot of testing it appears as though"Magic Bullet" seems to be the culprit. I am able to tick off crits for both “Melon Splitter” and “Critical Reception” as long as I don’t put a point into “Magic Bullet”.

I apologize if this is not a new discovery to some of you. I searched the forums and did not find a result for this issue. @Jeffybug or @joekgbx, is this a known issue? For myself, I’m just not going to put a point in that skill while I knock off those challenges but I thought the devs might want to be informed about this if they aren’t already.

Sorry for the long post.

Long post = lots of good info to help the team reproduce!

Thanks and passing along to team to investigate!

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Thanks for that, I always feel weird posting long-winded posts.

Thank you for passing it on to the team and you’re welcome.

I know what causes it, Aurelia has a lot of skills that activate on critical hits which prevents the challenges to progress for some reason.

Insight is always welcome, especially constructive stuff like this. If I go report a bug to the team from the community with just “X is broken,” it can take them quite a while to figure out how to reproduce it and the underlying issue.

If I’m able to give them detailed stuff like “X is broken, but only when Y or Z occur,” it makes it so the team can essentially dive right into the root of the issue! Super helpful :slight_smile:

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