Aurelia's design (random observation)

She’s supposed to be some princess that avoids direct battle. Think about it - one tree is focused on sniping, which involves hanging back and picking enemies off before they can react. The next one is all about freezing enemies, making them unable to fight. And the last one just gets someone else to do your dirty work for you.

It’s brilliant…but still annoying lol. No wonder she’s lacking so hard when it comes to staying healthy, particularly during solo boss fights.

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Agree, she is good at killing mobs, but I also faced difficulties when dealing with bosses especially in UVHM. It is really difficult for her to stay healthy in boss fight.

Well she does have the Frigid Touch kill skill, which is great life leech. Bitter Riposte, Whiteout and Magic Bullet are also good defensive skills.

You are not wrong, but in some boss fight, it is not that easy to get a kill skill up all the time and sometimes you don’t have gaps to snipe the boss or other enemies to regen.

I watched a web-streamer do this and saw how much success he had with it and got one myself and tried it it works quite well. The gentlman in question was using a cryo ivf and firing a few rounds at Iwa and reloading causing the weapon to be thrown. He took him down within 5 minutes or so, just wanted to share the info.

I… Think you’re posting in the wrong thread

That streamer should have used a non-elemental IVF instead, because the Cryo status (which Milady can inflict with her action skill) boosts Explosive damage by 3x (Non-Elemental Tediore Reloads are Explosive).

Also, the idea of it taking 5 entire minutes to kill Iwajira when you have access to Legendary gear, on any character, is pretty funny. Because most Vault Hunters can do it in one magazine.


Yeah I like that they kept stuff like that in mind with character design. Like claptrap being insane or Nisha being all about pain (both giving and receiving) really fits the S/M vibe they gave her.

True, I just wish that Aurelia’s personality didn’t get wrecked by UVHM lol

I hear a lot from solo players but I haven’t heard too much about people playing co-op. I’m wondering if that’s where she can really shine as a well rounded and supportive character while still maintaining her personality. Of course, every vault hunter should be able to stand on their own as well… oh well, it’s just more of a struggle bus on bosses.

You, sir, sound like you need more Torgue in your diet.

True, but I wanna keep sniping so I need only the best…but I sacrifice my Torguemada! :’(

Try Bangstick or Pounder.

Also, Slapper.

Ravager? Spitter?

I guess I dont see the humor, but ok, just thought it was interesting. Also just by my watching it, it looked like the Avalanche stacks depreciate less with explosive damage.