Aurelias melee is too darn

slow, I was playing co-op with my son and we attacked a breakable object at the same time and he just was like lightning compared to me, he’s playing Clappy. We tried to test the speeds by counting down but as with a 8 year old, rather difficult to do. Just wondering if anyone else feels this way? Also, do believe this my first post, had similar one in the old forums but didn’t know they were being shut down soon, so starting here.

It’s noticeably slower, so I just adjust my timing. I think it’s hilarious (along with “Calm yourself!” and other quips). :laughing:

“A backhand to remember” or what its called looks fun.

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Its also much quicker compared to her normal melee.

This. I can’t stop myself from laughing every time I hit something.

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Has someone tested if it is stronger than a melee from another VH to offset the slowness?

I haven’t, but I doubt it would be, that’s the pint if the melee overrides in the trees wouldn’t?

Its way stronger, currently can crit off frozen for 1mill+. Highest I’ve gotten was 1.5mill, doesn’t seem to be influenced by roid shields though.

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Oh didn’t know that, great now I have another possible build… Thanks jerkbag. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Not just Aurelia, Nisha’s melee is considerably slower too. Makes me have flashbacks to BL1’s melee… shudders

Put both controllers in your hands. Hit the melee buttons at the same time (much easier for one human to do). Observe.

I think claptrap’s melee is a quick jab. And Lady Hammerlocks is a slower backhand slap. Just my observation/impressions. If the damages are different then maybe it balances out. Of course, Lady H has ice built into her default action skill which is much stronger IMO than claptrap’s random VH.exe. Let’s go with CONSISTENT at least. Claptrap’s pirate ship could out DPS other things I’m sure.

Speaking of animations, has anyone seen how bad Aurelia’s third-person rigging is? It’s even worse than Salvadors

I actually kind of like the melee animation, it’s pretty amusing

I also like how she throws grenades, it seems easier to throw snowballs

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