Aurelia's Race?

Hey guys.

Hammerlock is clearly Caucasian.

But Aurelia’s skin tone seems to range from light to fairly dark depending on which of her heads you use.

Casual plastic surgery due to extreme wealthiness?

i was wondering that myself. she seems a lil darker than her brother. especially wearing the #1 Head Biotch head. afro samurai reference, so i had to wear it!

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Maybe she spend more time in a tanning bed at her turbomansion? Hammerlock’s skin tone also appears to vary depending on the environment and lighting - sometimes he looks more tanned than others.

that is also true.

Both of the Hammerlocks are black.


You think so? Because he clearly looks black to me. As does his sister. There really dosnt seem to be any debate here.

Edit ninja’d by PH. That’s what I get for not reading the thread before commenting :smile_cat:


I guess i need to take another look at ol’ Hammy…,

Oh wow.

He’s clearly black.

I had never really looked closely at his face before; i just saw that moustache and the monocle and the hat and assumed “old British type guy”.

Plus the way he talks.

Sorry, guys!

…Black people can have British accents too ya know :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just pickin in ya. You’re not the only one to bring up Hammerlocks ethnicity. Far from it.


I love Black prople wuth British accents!

Idris Elba, Lenny Henry (from Chef)…,

EDIT: People, with…

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I’m going with mulatto.

Posdibky they are step or half siblings?


And yes, Lenny Henry is awesome. His “Chef” series was extremely funny - sort of a black “Fawlty Towers” but with better spousal relations!

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Autocorrect doesnt work when i enter text on this forum


no ,Roland is clearly black. either that or I’m entirely colorblind.and even then the only head that makes his sister look black is the one from the tale tale games, and as far as Alastair goes, being the significant other of a hairdresser I don’t know too many black folks that have straight light brown beard hair



Looks Asian to me :wink:

Arent we talking about Hammerlock?

Does Roland have a sister?

yes we’re talking about hammerlock but I had to make the clear line of colors in this game and then I had to edit the post to include the beard hair thing.

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I understand now!

I replied before your edit…

[Colorblind mode = on]


As a biracial person myself, I can tell you those two (but, I’ll admit, especially Aurelia) have that unmistakable multiracial tan to them. I’d say they’re designed to be either black-white or Indian-white. I’ve thought that for quite a while now. And frankly I love the way the devs handled it all: instead of bringing up their race and beating you over the head with it (like most modern writers would feel compelled by the political correctness/diversity gods to do), it’s just… there. You know, like in real life. Most people don’t walk up, offer their hand in greeting, and then tell you their sexual orientation, racial background, and eating preferences, and neither do our favorite mechanically-augmented big game hunter nor his fabulously wealthy sister.