Aurelia's Voicelines

If anyone wants to hear them…




Thank you kind one for uploading this! I was chuckling a little too much early game to her lines.

I’m torn, her skills are really interesting and yet she’s everything I don’t like in characters you can play as.

Anyway, thank you fr the upload.

I noticed that Aurelia isn’t great at French. The ‘et’ in ‘et voila’ is pronounced ‘ay’.

That makes me an accent Marxist or something, I guess.

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I’m not gonna lie, I’m let down some by the dialogue, not really from Aurelias part but how the writers didn’t fit it well with the same responses you get from the other npcs. And Springs was just disappointing, a generic good luck vault hunter at the end… She flirted with Athena and Nisha, why not Aurelia? Or at least comment on not liking her snobbishness ya know. Maybe I’m expecting too much. Did laugh about her reaction to Moxxi’s rack.

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Maybe she’s not attracted to Aurelia? It’s not normal to hit on everyone you meet.

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I like that she will be easy to tell apart from Nisha and Athena. While her voice is properly upper crust and pretentious she sounds more white than I expected.

I love her accent. My favorite line so far was on the Teepot mission when you found Swagman :laughing:

I feel her voice is a bit more high pitched than I would like. Obviously this is really nitpicky and very much my personal preference but there it is. Do we know who is the voice actor? I did simple google search but could not find the answer.


afaik, her voice actor’s name has not been released yet

Maybe I worded it wrong, not flirted with but a more personal interaction with than something than a typical Concordia citizen would say.

Before the game was released, they already decided they wanted to do Jack’s body double, so they recorded interaction voicelines for him to be used later. They hadn’t decided on Aurelia at the time, so no dialogue was recorded. Bringing almost every voice actor in to record one or two lines each would needlessly expensive, which is why they recorded generic voicelines that would work for whatever class they come up with.

Makes sense, I understand the cost against it but figured the writers could word it better.

At what point in the video does she respond to Janey’s “What brings you to the moon?”. I missed it in my playthrough.

20:23 I believe

Would love to see them as a download :slight_smile: Great work!