Australia Battleborn Lag?

is there anyone in austrailia connecting to multiplayer on something better than a red bar connection?? Its pretty much unplayable with the lag and im stupid enough to have bought it on ps store so i cant refund it, anyone know if theres gunna be a fix in the near future?? Cheers

I occasionally have yellow bar and very rarely green bar. Playing with half a second of lag is not so bad and I’ve learned to compensate for it but that’s not good enough, especially when I get dropped in an EU server and rubber band.

Yeah man it sucks

I understand the pain of lag. Luckily, it is under control for me now. There has been few fixes for the PC version, not sure about the consoles.

Yeah console is still pretty bad, kinda weird that this will happen on a game i paid $100 for but smite is free and has better matchmaking. Its good that pc is fixed though hopefully console is next haha