Australian Matchmaking Issues (PC)

Hi, we’re having trouble finding games using Australian/NZ MM. We’ll often run into situations where there are two 5 man teams lobbied up for the same game type, but we can’t ever find a game.

It’s extremely frustrating, and it’s leading people to forming private games in discord, rather than using the inbuilt MM, which is driving the population of MM down and making this issue worse. Does this have something to do with being a 5 man premade team versus a bunch of random players?


Yeah, queued with a 5 stack for 45 minutes on incursion, no game :disappointed:

Same on EU servers, man I’ve been waiting for like an hour now and couldn’t find a game. I exited matchmaking and retried only to get grouped with the same people again. It’s pretty infuriating.

just not enough people playing at this time of day:

If there are 10 people searching for the same game type, surely they should be able to find each other though?

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With online games I play (UK) I usually get matched with Uk or Europe. But I think if the game tried to match me with Australia there would be too much lag. So guessing those 10 people would need to be near to you - when realistically they will be in USA or UK and the game might realise there would be too much lag and not connect you.

These are two teams in Australia, each with 5 people in them, in the same game mode.

ah, I see, then that sound like something broken on Gearboxes side.

A few days ago I searched for 3 hours straight to get a game and have done bursts of hour long searches and often not finding games since. we seriously need matchmaking skill matching to have a fall-back and just match with anyone it can after a while in non US locations.

This is decently well known in the Australian scene since people are having so much trouble matching with each other with multiple full 5 man teams or full teams of randomly found players they are starting private games to actually play games at all, further lowering the total players in matchmaking.

And a queue for all game modes at once will help greatly so it doesn’t split the very low Australian community between 3 modes, it also will increase the chance of capture being played.

Most of the questions you can refer to this thread

And you will know devs doesn’t seem to care what we kept bitching about anymore.
Just play some “other game” and wait them to fix the problem.
Or they’ll never fix them, who knows.

Please use the thread linked above. Contrary to your opinion, gbx are trying to fix it, they haven’t given up, so it would help if you can provide info of connection difficulties in that thread. Thanks.

Reopen. My bad.

It is indeed a separate issue. Carry on.

Obviously, in our region we have a very small PC community which will always cause matchmaker problems.
However this is a situation where we will have enough people queued for the same game-type, in the same region that we are able to get together and make private matches, but the matchmaker will just leave us sitting in the queue for hours.
And it’s not an issue of everyone being in 3-man groups, as people have posted it’s multiple 5-man groups plus grouped up singles stuck in queues without games.
We’ve even done experiments disbanding our 5-mans and all solo queuing at the same time, sometimes it will regroup us immediately (and then not give us a team to play against), and then sometimes you’ll be stuck with the matchmaker not finding you a single team member when you know for a fact that there are four other guys who just queued who are also still waiting.
It’s pretty grim, and without improvement the small Aussie contingent will likely soon become the no Aussie contingent.

I have slowed my playing time down now and today I can’t actually be bothered to start the game as it just sucks to be sitting there doing nothing. (on PC)

I have to log into an American location just to get a (LAGGY) game, fun factor zero. I am sick of the hour PLUS long wait times as a solo player on the Australian servers/location and I hope instead of trying to focus our attention elsewhere (new characters, new game modes etc) something does indeed get done about the terrible match-making system that has turned the game from BATTLEBORN to BATTLEYAWN.

I think the Australian PC community is big enough in that we have enough of the population to get pvp games going non-stop. Here is some research I have done out of interest in this topic:

I asked 3 EB games stores in my location how many units did you sell of Battleborn PC edition (roughly) and the answer was not ten or so but just under 1 hundred units between them and that’s just in my location alone. (and only EB games stores)

Also just now I checked and got these figures for Battleborn, with 2,426 (currently playing the game) 2,770 (24 hour peak) 12,101 (Peak players) so there is enough people playing (But again, location/region issues will tear these numbers down considerably and without a way to determine WHERE these people playing are in what region it’s anyone’s guess.)

The conclusion of my research is that the match making system for PC is broken (in all regions from what I can tell) and indeed as ZombiMasher stated the small Aussie contingent will likely soon become the no Aussie contingent, not because the game is bad, far from it but the internal mechanics of a bad match making system has let the player base down and from the regions I have played, this match making system is really annoying people across all regions.

Yeah, we’ve had this exact problem. It’s pretty depressing when you split up a 5 man queue into groups of 2 and 3, then never find one another to form a team to begin with in the first place. The game is so fun, and the community is so enthusiastic to play. It’s just this awful mm that’s holding it all back. Are we seriously going to have to wait weeks to get this fixed like the last major issues?

Thank you for unlocking the topic Psychichazard and can I ask any mod or actual GB rep to reply in any way to know this issue has been heard by gearbox?

Since all Australia needs to thrive on PC is the matchmaking to pair anyone with anyone, instead of attempting to use a algorithm or some other form of limiting to prevent players from matching with each other.

Even just a all modes queue is secondary to this, since the problem is it just doesn’t match people together in any situation we can create, yet can play perfect private matches without any lag or any issues.

Thanks to anyone reading this.

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Yeah, an option to queue for all multiplayer modes would be really appreciated. The only way to find a match is to manually start a private one in discord, it’s such a shame.