Australian members/players appreciation thread!

Since there are a lot of appreciation threads out there for various things and/or people, I decided to make my own but for slightly different reasons.

I’d like to mention a few people I’ve met on these here forums and played with frequently or recently, if I miss anyone it’s likely because we knew each other before Battleborn or we just haven’t played a lot regularly.
I’ll try to start from the first people I met and played with from here:

I think @Ryballs was the first I played with and one of the first I met here, we played a lot early on though we haven’t played much lately but he’s a great guy to talk and laugh with and he also founded the “Battleborn Forumites” PSN community which brought a lot of the players together and has over 150 members!

@elle_tee deserves a special mention, she’s one of the most active forum members and always has something positive to say which is more than I can say for myself sometimes (most of the time(all the time)), she’s very laid back and likes to giggle and laugh and just has a very positive attitude overall. Unfortunately often when I’m coming online she’s going offline so we don’t get to play much but we try when we can and enjoy it all the same.

I can’t remember when the first time I played with @palmedic89 was and I’m not even sure if I tagged the right one as bizarrely there are three McDoogle’s on these here forums, but we play together a lot and Doogle is one of the first players in my party most times. He’s pretty chilled, likes to joke around a bit and taunt when he gets kills with assault Miko, and has no qualms with playing the support which suits us arrogant slayer types just fine :stuck_out_tongue: He’s one of the best Miko/Alani players to grace your team with Eldrid vitality and heals, and one of the best people to have on the mic, especially when we’re on the hunt for the fabled green bar!

I’ve had @Shield_Biter on my friend list for a long time but due to sucky Australian internet we seldom play together though we’ve had a few matches and he’s another of the most active forum members, we talk on the forums infrequently and try to play when we can which unfortunately isn’t often enough, he seems to be quite a rational bloke and doesn’t get nearly as angry as I would at a bad connection, hopefully we get to party up again soon!

I met @El_Are recently in a public lobby and we were matched together twice, once he was on my team a few matches later the opposing team. He’s a pretty handy Orendi and loves rocking Shayne&Aurox, also a pretty nice guy we’ve only played together a handful of times but intend to change that in the near future.

When @Ginger_greninja asked for more Aussie players I answered the call, he often plays split-screen so we don’t get to party often but he likes to make jokes about how balanced Gali is and plays a mean Benedict as well as my most hated Batleborn EL DRAGOOOOOOOOOOOOON, he even wrecked me on Overgrowth once with his partner in star-saving Jenn who I don’t think is on these here forums but loves to play Mellka in tandem, they’re a tough bouncy duo to beat but great to have jumping around on your team.

@EdenSophia is one of the most recent additions to my lucrative friend list, she too loves to play Mellka and schooled me in a private match on Overgrowth which I thoroughly enjoyed while on my way to the master title. She’s very relaxed and calm, and since I’ve been sick as long as we’ve been playing together I’ve been quite the opposite so apologies for that. We haven’t played much yet and she likes to play PvE but whenever there’s a free spot I send out an invite if I see her online.

I’ve probably missed a few so sorry to those who feel they deserve a spot on one of my prestigious posts, but to everyone mentioned here if you haven’t already met take the chance to introduce yourselves and add one another on PSN as we’ll all be partying together when there are free spots, and when there aren’t hopefully you’ll have enough to make a full Aussie party and finally chase the dragon, I mean the elusive green bar!

P.S. Yes, I am just sucking up to you all and using you for your green bar, GIVE ME YOUR GREEN BAR!


Pshh, get a load of this kiss arse :sweat_smile:


As for @Slif_One, he may be enthusiastically competitive, but he’s always quick to compliment me for my Ambra-play… though this is probably because he suspects that I’m brooding darkly over his current preference for playing Mellka. :wink:


Thanks for the shout out mate. Sorry haven’t been on much lately. Real life can sometimes get in the way of the more important stuff like Battleborn. I think I’m getting withdrawals. :frowning:

PS: I feel privileged to be your first. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is the greatest thing ever said, you sir win the universe.

I love this, if I didn’t already have a PSN account and if PSN names weren’t limited to 16 characters I’d totally be that guy! :smiley:


Can we blame @El_Are for my never being online at the same time? That wouldn’t be very positive of me though… But it’s true, haha! (The PS4 takeover is real… Sharing is caring :wink:)

Aw, this gives me all the feels, such a great bunch listed here!

What positive attributes would I have to say about you, @Slif_One?

Even if you are playing a new character for the first time, you still hold up your end of the bargain and make it look easy… While I’m just trying not to die even if I’ve been playing a certain character for ages, haha.
You always put me in a positive mood with your game speak/general chat (even if I don’t say much sometimes, I have to concentrate not to screw up, haha) and the way you interact with others certainly makes me laugh, you have me looking forward to playing Battleborn on days I might be thinking of going without it.
There’s a good reason so many great Aussie players are listed here, and it’s because you need to take a look in the mirror, you may enjoy playing with us, but we certainly enjoy playing with you!

And I’d happily share my green bars with you… If I had them, haha :grin:


I feel privileged to get a mention in such grand company. Like @elle_tee, I’m not a big talker, but I enjoy the friendly banter. I had heard a lot about you (@Slif_One) in my household, and am pleased to say you lived up to the reputation. Many good games are to come I’m sure.


Not sure how I missed a whole thread but you sure tagged the right one! Having played with almost everyone listed here at least once or twice I can honestly say they are all awesome! (I mean you have all put up with me being the lazy support and the kleese rage once or twice haha)!

Hmmm about @Slif_One what to say… he has brought people together with this odd combination of enthusiastic aggressive/assassin style gameplay (word of caution: avoid playing Deande or Thorn around him unless you want to be targeted haha) with the most laidback banter mainly revolving around K/Ds and the COD fanbase. We will eventually attain the elusive green bar… although our aim will be way off when we do I’m sure.

Looking forward to many more assault miko taunts alongside you all!


Ugh, AoE/juggler Deandes and “sniper” Thorns… Ugh… They have such low K:Ds because I kill them so much x’D

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Nothing beats partying up with Aussies for some green bars and bants.

Appreciate the add + shoutout, look forward to many more raids on ‘the harbour’.