Australian Servers Issues (Post Your Data Here)

I live in Perth WA and when I play Battleborn all i’m getting are Red Bars (Ping) in every game I play.
I was under the influence there were going to be Australian Servers. If so where are they? the game is pretty hard to play as is. The Lag is terrible. Please Gearbox address this problem and give us Aussie’s our servers!


Single player or multiplayer?

For multiplayer I think we end up having to play in NA to even find people in match making. Well- I had to change the setting manually anyway on PC for it. If its automatic for consoles maybe that’s why you’re(we’re) getting high pings. D:

Multiplayer… and co-op Missions. There’s no option to change your reigon or anything either.

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Hey mate, getting the same issues on Ps4. My net connection is fast and I can’t even get a game with a green bars…The servers or lack of suck, which isn’t compelling me to continue on playing/supporting this game if server issues can’t be sorted.

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On PS4 but have been searching this topic for a few days. Plenty of Aussie’s have commented on the lack of Australian console servers and it is falling on deaf ears. I can’t see any encouraging responses on here or on their social media accounts. We’re only a minority market so as long as it works in NA and EU and the positive reviews keep rolling in I don’t think they care. It was advertised we’d have servers but it doesn’t appear the case. It was purely deceptive and the game is unplayable, can’t even get around the menus without it timing out. I’ll be just getting a refund on it on Tuesday if nothing is fixed by then when I head into EB to pick something else up.

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Yeah same, I don’t think i’ll keep my copy if it doesn’t get fixed soon. It’s just unplayable.

Same man. I like the game and I really wish it would work properly but when it’s laggy like this I don’t think i’ll keep it either. Oh well, Doom’s around the corner :slight_smile:

gearbox needs to hear as out… AUS servers.
its almost like batmans bad port for the pc

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I am in Adelaide S/A i am getting one red bar on the ping also on Xbox1 after 25 games or so. I opened all ports installed twice i can not fix it people sound American when playing and rubber banding. I like this game but it is unplayable. This is my internet speed 115.35 Mbps and upload is 2.44 Mbps cable 3.0. I want this game to do good please look into this.

Another person from WA who’s game is basically unplayable. Where is the Australian cluster?

I’m in QLD same issue, MP games are red bars all the time! sometimes I get hope and see a yellow connection but no longer then a couple of seconds :frowning:

Hey guys,

Sorry to hear about the issues you’re having with connection! I’ll pass this on to the team in our weekly meeting tomorrow, but in the meantime, we do have servers in AUS- in Victoria and New South Wales if memory serves.

Still, if there are issues, there are issues, right? So I’ll discuss this with the team and see what we can figure out. If anyone’s situation should improve, let us know here! :slight_smile:


Thanks. Would be nice to have a server on the west side of Australia too but I understand if that isn’t feasible.

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I’m in Melbourne and find it hard to believe there is a server in Victoria or even NSW considering time outs and initialisation failures at the login screen and the menus. Fair enough if there are issues with matchmaking that we can’t match with local games but surely it shouldn’t be timing out just looking through achievements and gear. According to published launch times there is only a Sydney server which would be sufficient if we could actually connect to it.

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Can not wait for Battleborn to be fixed up.

Issue might be with the match making as logging shows connections predominantly through to IPs in the US. But hey we finally got a reponse. That’s a set in the right direction!

Well as much as i respect you replying on a honest note we have been talking about this since the open beta i have been in 2 games with a yellow bar 1 green and the rest are red connection so i do believe you when you say there are servers but there is obviously something going on with your match making its wither not connecting us to the server most times or the servers are always full and there are not enough to support the australian community we all love your game but why should we play it if we have a hard time playing due to lag i dont even know why there isnt a system to proritize connection that seems like a huge oversight espically in such a competitive game… i will link people to this thread so you get valid feedback but atm its unplayable and half of the people in australia who were looking forward to this game have already given up since this should have been fixed after the beta

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We would certainly welcome the feedback and I’ll make sure to bring it up with the team personally.

Every game I’ve ever had has been one red bar.

Lag is so common for me that rubberbanding is something I have to account for in my overall battle strategy.

While my connection isn’t the greatest, I’ve played other games online without issue.

Okay well ive gone through every thread and linked them all here so your going to have a few upset australians in here but jokes aside I myself am on ps4 and while the lag is not unplayable its extremely frustrating from half a second input lag to being disconnected constantly while going through my command page, i can’t even open packs without timing out from one pack thats even if i get to opening packs as it is… while im sure you have servers we are either not connecting to them or there are simply not enough to support the community maybe if you localize connection abit on consoles… because as an australian we dont have good jnternet most of australia have adsl 2 plus and the rare few have locaized fiber obtic which is not great in terms of connection compared to the states we need localized hosting or more local servers even a p2p system would work just fine for the meantime as a dedicated fan of this game i have put up with the lag to reach level 24 but its just getting frustrating… getting killed behind cover having to press buttons twice just to get a responce trying to play with heros who have veloticy based attacks are the worst since you have to adjust for it and the lag aswell… this need to get fixed asap

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