Australian Servers Issues (Post Your Data Here)

This forum is a joke anyway not a single thing was done to help us in eight months nine if you count the beta they seen our problems and then decided to ignore us so you do what you want


Again. Frustration is fine. No one is saying you cant be upset. But since this is their forum and everyone inadvertently agreed to the rules when signing up, that frustration must fall within the forum rules. Disparaging comments toward the men and women of Gearbox wont be tolerated.

I spoke about gearbox as a company and not any person on an individual level except for Tom because he is representing there company. I did not disparage the men and women of gearbox. I spoke about there company’s ethics(not individuals ethics) and there actions since battleborn launched. Yes I understand I said bad things about gearbox on a gearbox forum and now my comments flagged.

Semantics. You disrespected Gearbox, and their affiliate, PsychicHazard, which you openly admit to.
We may only be volunteers, but that dosnt make it any more okay to attack him for enforcing what is written in the rules.

I never mention psychichazard, when I said Tom I was referring to joekgb the guy from gearbox asking for data and then leaving us in the wind.( I just didn’t wanna scroll up 300 comments to when he last said something as I’m on my phone) so I said Tom because I didn’t remember joekgb name. Also didn’t need to block my account due to having a small arguement. I just wanted to make points about how gearbox as a company has shafted us and gearbox’s ethics are very wrong. They have not even said sorry.

Has a server browser ever been given thought ala the one used in battlefield 1? I’d quite happily wait idly in a lobby if I was able to select the region and see a playercount of Australian players online

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Hi Gearbox.

Seeing as it is Australia Day today, could we please celebrate by having good servers/connections for a change?

Thankyou in advance (Australia fair).


I think @jythri and @JoeKGBX are still “collecting data”, maybe by next Australia day they’ll decide to get back to us and not completely ignore a large section of their paying customer base who are experiencing constant red bar with no explanation.

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Just bought the Deluxe Edition to this game for a low price, but it still doesn’t have an exception for Australian Players. Had to deal with a one bar and no option for a region change. I would say I wasted my money, but I still have hope for this game. Get with it Gearbox

Just an example of some functionality issues that often stem from being placed on incompatible servers. Nullify was quite literally nullified here.

Just a message from a teammate after I failed to sticky bomb Attikus at point blank range. Standard fare. Red bars used coincidentally of course.


Yup those messages always suck, shouldn’t have to be like this


Well at least you tried I guess, just like we’ve all done but as you can see we’re not getting any answers/responses so the leeway on our expressions of frustration and exasperation at this pathetic situation is appreciated. This all seems so insane to me. I can play BF1 with my friends overseas on European or American servers with 64 players and not hardly notice it. In fact I usually more than handle my own. But every single game I play of Battleborn I’m hamstrung by the worst lag I’ve experienced. I cannot play pvp unless I’m in a pre-made because first I get shredded by the opposing team and then I get hate mail from my own team-mates for letting the team down. I just want to play and have fun like everyone else. Even in pve I can hardly use melee at all. It feels like over a third of the roster is off limits to me because of their ineffectiveness under red bar connection.

uugghh Red bar shivers

Every freaking game.


Figured I’d try get some lore challenges done this weekend. Trying to do Thorn’s Spry Sprite Spray (kill 10 enemy Battleborn with volley while airborne). After nearly 4 hours of trying I have…0/10. Every time I jump and fire it releases the volley after I land, that’s if it even registers to fire at all. If I hold the trigger before I jump and release in the air it does the same. Half of the time I don’t even jump after pressing x, it just does this glitchy hop. Add to this the fact that while my character is hopping around doing nothing I want it to and wasting all my skills when it’s all too late while the enemy rips me a new one and my team sends me messages for being a waste of space and I find it so hard to justify playing this game that I genuinely love. This and some other lore challenges are literally impossible for me to accomplish under these server conditions and still gearbox won’t give us any hope. I hate this red bar connection issue. Every single game I’m stuck with this if I choose to play public. The only time I can play this game at its preferred condition is when I play private and seeing as how virtually all my friends have given up on this issue ever being resolved satisfactorily that means I’m playing solo.

Who am I kidding? This post won’t move anyone in gearbox to help us oceanic crew out. This post is just a pathetic whinge from someone who needs to go away, right gearbox?

For the love of God gearbox, please give us some info on this issue.

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Yeah, Spry Sprite Spray is ridiculous on a bad connection. Until you get Thorn’s extra jump height, the ability doesn’t fire until you’re back on the ground. It used to screw up my Mellka lunges way too often too.

At least, after all these months, the story of our woes is pretty clear-cut:

The game shipped without region locking on consoles. Australians cannot escape being placed on US servers, and because the vast majority of players in this game are in the US, we are placed on a red bar connection almost 100% of the time. Because this game is disgusting to play on red bar, it’s no surprise it subsequently crashed and burned in Australia.

This being the case, there are two obstacles to it getting better:

  1. Even if region locking were implemented tonight, there are so few Australians that it would be impossible to get public matches without swapping to a different region anyway;

  2. Even if the playerbase grew massively, without region locking, Australians would still get red bar and would quickly abandon the game.

The only way this game will ever be fixed is to respond to both 1 and 2 - implement region locking and increase the playerbase. 1 is something Gearbox has the power to do, but probably won’t, because of 2 (it’s a big code change to benefit what is now a tiny minority of players.) 2 is not something Gearbox has the power to fix, but might be able to make easier by addressing 1, which they won’t because… and you see the paradox.

The really sad thing is that if they had region locking at launch, we would not be worrying about either 1 or 2.

We were not intentionally forgotten when they made the console version of this game. But we were forgotten. I got 450 hours out of it and have many fond memories, but I still honestly feel like the game ought to have been pulled from shelves in Australia. Private matches are fine, but it’s less than half the game we were sold.


And yet while I know everything in your post to be the truth, and I feel like I’ve known that to be the case for a while now, still it would be an immense courtesy from gearbox to engage with us here and admit they’ve screwed the pooch on us or at least say they’re sorry or something.


Such stubbornly sustained silence (yo, alliteration!) implies to me that they’re not allowed to say sorry.

But I agree. I can’t see why we can’t at least have a dev acknowledge that the whole “data collection” phase is long behind us.


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