Australian Servers Issues (Post Your Data Here)

This is the worst. It’s bad enough trying to get into a match but every time I finish even a private story mission it boots from the “mission completed” screen to the title menu for whatever error message it decides to display. Then it takes a few goes to get connect back to the game menu screen, another few goes to get into the command menu and then I’ll probably get booted back to the title screen AGAIN. Trying to clean out my inventory by selling unwanted items is like pulling teeth. Every third item or so causes a failure/error that sends me yet again back to the title screen or game menu screen. I had no issues at all with the beta. Wtf happened??!!

Its kinda sad we had to say we would get our money back before we got a reply tho… its been a month since the beta and it feels like you have just completely ignored the australian community on this one… we have been on reddit and twitter trying to get a responce and nothing came… feels quite lazy atm

Anything to improve matchmaking for Australians would be appreciated.

Can you tell us how the game determines matchmaking? Does it try to find a local game first then search internationally if there is no luck? Or does it just put us in the first available game, regardless of location?

There really needs to be a local matchmaking option in the settings or something. I’m on PS4 in Australia and have never had a game that isn’t “red ping”. I would happily wait longer for matchmaking if it meant that I would get a local, lag-free game. I’m enjoying the game but the lag makes PvP almost unplayable.

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can we atleast get a rough idea of when australian’s might be able to play the game its bad enough we wasted our money on a game we cant even play


I actually recorded the issue some of our ps4 users share


I wonder how many returns this will have on PS4 tomorrow by people who purchased it from EB as Uncharted 4 will be out.

The worst part is they haven’t even acknowledged that an entire region on two platforms can’t play it. So far it is just a bullet point for discussion at their next meeting. They either don’t care or don’t believe us. I’m betting the former as in the long term the game will only serve a niche audience anyway and the investment in the Australian market probably just isn’t worth it.

We’ve acknowledged that those of you here are experiencing serious connection issues and I’ve personally assured you that I’ll personally address it with the necessary parties tomorrow.

Believe me, the last thing we want is anyone having a negative experience. We do certainly believe what you’re saying and take it seriously. We appreciate you all for coming forward with your experiences so that we can try to make the experience better for you guys and for everyone!


But its not just us its the whole region from north queesland down to victoria and across to perth no one on console has had a good experience since the beta i would recommed this game to everyone of my friend but since the servers are awful atm i would have to tell them “yeah its a great game but the servers are pretty much non exsistant” so i doubt they would even consider picking it up atm, it really sucks

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I was actually gonna do the same thing even including in game delays but you beat me too it haha

I completely agree with you would happily wait linger to get solid connection… if they just added localized matchmaking on a p2p system for the meantime till they sort out servers that would be completely fine in my opinion

I reported these exact issues in a reddit post I made 20 days ago (during the Beta.)
I play on Xbone in Sydney, NSW, my experiences have not been enjoyable to date. The play the game because I enjoy the game, but I don’t enjoy the game breaking rubber banding during pvp and story. I play with a max of 2 bars but mostly 1. There is two suggestions I have for the devs. Dedicated Australian servers (I honestly don’t believe they exist as advertised) and 2. The option for matchmaking region. I don’t mind to wait for 5 minutes to play a game as opposed to putting myself through a painstaking 30 minute match of incursion filled with Americans. I also have other feedback regarding player participation during game or lack there of, but that’s a different story.

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My negative experience and lack of any positive knowledge by yourselves or EB Games Australia about these servers has lead me to take your game back for a Full Refund. Thanks but it’s a little to little way too late.

out of like 10 players on aus servers (pc) only 2 had green connection yesterday and its often the case :frowning:

The open beta on PC worked smooth what went wrong.

The Open Beta on PS4 was excellent. Unfortunately, it is now unplayable. When I do login after 5-6 attempts it finds a match and then fails. The only way anything will get done is if a company like IGN or Kinda Funny Games talks about it. So please send messages to these companies to make them aware of the issues here. We need to start putting the pressure on Gearbox.

I believe something has been changed between beta and release and we have all been ripped off in Australia.

It’s likely the Australian servers can’t handle the extra traffic.

probably. The beta is nothing compared to opening day numbers. Since its only been a week, Guessing that’s it. Solution, MOAR SERVERS!. I’d offer my own, but well I live in the states.

I totally agree. If you wanna try party up: paulus110
Also in Perth, WA

I haven’t had one game with a good connection :frowning: I’m in Perth, western Aust

Hey all,

Ahead of my meeting with the team today, I wanted to ask if it would be possible to get match IDs from any of you who are experiencing issues. Your match ID can be found by going to Options --> Support Info (see pic below)

Having this will help the team get a better sense of what’s going on on your ends. I’m not saying the problem is solely on your ends, just saying that info would help give the team valuable insights.


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