Australian Servers Issues (Post Your Data Here)

I’m sure this is a surprise to no one. There just simply isn’t a big enough playerbase in Australia to make the servers favour us over getting connected to games overseas. The alternative is longer wait times and region-locking, which might end up being worse. Also if you aren’t part of any of the number of communities (ie Discord, seriously…get on Discord) you are cutting yourselves off from other potential players and places to meetup and organize times for playing together.


The ability for us to region lock to US East or Asia would still help though…

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I thought US west was way closer for us?

Either way some option to veto distant US and Euro servers at the very least would be nice.

It could be! I always get it mixed up because I am hopeless :disappointed:

West should be like 3k miles closer.
I have a few NZ and OZ players in my XB1 group.
I always feel terrible for them. Trying so hard to make the most of it but it’s a struggle.
The XB has a MUCH smaller Asian player base so the have that working against them as well


Well for reference me and @FlamesForAll would be west coast(he’s Canadian but both of us are on North America)

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Just thought I would mention to @EdenSophia and @Ginger_greninja the times I did play with you guys I always had pretty solid connections with you guys and I am basically as west coast as I can get in Washington state


Yeah WC is definitely closer for us, east is ughhghghgh