Authenticating with Gearbox Software Shift Problem PS3

Today at around 200pm est this issue started when I booted up the game now it is 930pm est and this message has still not going away at the main menu and I cant login in to shift because of this cant acess my golden keys. Also to mention I have unlocked all skins and heads for each character and also all vehicle skins for each vehicle as well and now every since this message came up and refuses to go away I am now missing skins and heads and as this has started drive me mad because I’m missing things I known I shouldnt be, this is on the ps3 version by the way. Has there been any word of what’s going on with shift or is there currently a team looking into it as of Saturday March 16 2019? Also my game is not recognizing any of the DLC I have downloaded because of this.

As far as I know there is no current problem with the SHiFT servers (I’m currently signed in myself without issue, although I’m on XBL not PSN).

If it was just the SHiFT service that was unavailable, however, this should not affect your ability to play the game, access the DLCs, or change anything regarding your heads, skins, and keys. All that information is stored on your PS3 either in the game save folder or your profile.

It sounds more like the issue is with either your PS3 hardware or your PSN account. I would strongly suggest contacting support, who can help you try and trouble-shoot your game. You can do that here: