Authentication server issues

Since the 6/30 patch, I’ve had continuous issues where I get kicked out to the title screen or dropped from games with various flavors of error message. Most mention authentication server connections or server connections. In case my upload fails, here’s one error’s text:

"Unable to complete matchmaking at this time. Please select a different playlist or try again later.

The Battleborn server has reported an internal time out error. Please check your network connection and try again."

Happens joining games, opening command window, selling gear, trying to add a split screen player, and speaking of which, for other players’ accounts too. I restarted both PS4 and router/modem with no fix or improvement.

So, what’s up?

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Where are you from?

North America, east coast

I’ve been having the same exact issues after the patch, and it is still occurring to this day, it is really frustrating.

I’ve had a ticket open with GBX for five days now, and I keep getting run arounds of being asked to do basic troubleshooting that I already performed and neatly wrote into my ticket’s initial info. It takes me 10+ attempts to get logged in at the title screen and 2-3 kicks before I can get into a game queue, 2-3 kicks before I can use my gear screen and often kicked just before character select which forced me to accept a random character w/ no gear, assuming I’m lucky enough to connect back into the game.

I don’t think I’m making a stretch to say its unplayable.

Edit: it’s as if the patch with the new game mode queues increased the BB server load past the point it is stable, and whatever regional server it wants me to connect to is the one that’s failing.

10 days now, thought I’d toss on an update if anyone else is having the issue and finds this post.

I’ll be blunt. Gearbox tech support is awful. I spent the past ten days being asked to do super basic stuff. Like sign in and out of PSN 6+ times in a row. Power off then on my router, and this one on the tenth day. Bear in mind I did all this before even contacting them, and wrote them a long post with everything tried so far.

I’m quitting the game. It’s unplayable and the best GBX support can do is tell me to redo basic troubleshooting steps that I already told them I did. Hope no one else gets this issue cause they refuse to escalate (I asked) and assume its just your problem.