Auto Bear and Vampyr

Hey guys, I have a question about Auto Bear. Can Vampyr proc while Iron Bear is in AI mode? Like can it heal you while you’re out of it?

Havnt been healed personally through means of ib; seems to heal itself while atleast proccing MoD for moze

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Well that sucks. Would’ve been cool since Auto Bear, Vampyr and IB’s grenades were all in one tree. It would’ve been awesome.

But atleast you can spam some vanquisher rockets at a priority target; hop out and take them down while autobear randomly softens up the rest; atleast ib can outlive the fuel and deal moderate damage now too if you rather stay inside; + a good way to bounce around the battlefield unharmed
Going to see if ib’s crits are proccing mindsweeper later tonite; that would atleast be healing moze

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