Auto bear and While Iron Bear is active, Rail gun damage bonus anoint

Does ‘While Iron Bear is active, rail gun damage is increased’ anoint work with Auto bear? I reviewed several guilds but not clearly defined also it is hard to test for me. Any opinion please? Thanks

I believe so. IC should get all the perks IB gets. I think it also says it on the card as well.

I am not the biggest Moze player, so possibly take this with a grain of salt. My recollection upon researching this myself a few months back, for a build of my own, is that “while IB is active” does not apply during Auto Bear. I think the “IB active” anoints only work while Moze is actively using Iron Bear herself or while IC is deployed.

Once you hop out and Auto Bear activates, I don’t think the “IB active” anoints work. Similarly, the ASE anoints proc immediately upon exiting Iron Bear - they do not activate upon Auto Bear terminating after its duration.


This is correct. Auto bear has its own anointment. It doesn’t count as an action skill.


Understood. So Rocketeer COM + Dark army w/ ‘while iron bear is active’ anoints would be nonsense. I would try Flare. thanks for info.

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Yeah rocketeer no good, but the drones will stay out while piloting, so it’s a great anoint for a pilot build. Raging bear or Flare would be my go to for damage, Flame if you wanna jump straight back in.

According to moze damage guide, hard point anoint does effect on autobear damage. Still confusing

@tea4you I think the “Hard Point” damage from Scorching RPMs still applies to Auto Bear because it boosts all IB attachment damage. The fact that they use “Hard Points,” which to my knowledge is not defined elsewhere in Moze’s skill tree, is the confusing part. But my understanding is that Scorching RPMs boosts both Moze’s and IB’s damage.