Auto Bear....I must be doing it wrong

Auto Bear just…kinda…sucks…at least for me.

After I pop out…I seldom see any volleys of Target Softening rockets go anywhwere…rarely maybe.

A tad better with mini guns …but still mostly it just sits there and does pretty much nothing.

Enemies don’t seem to aggro it at all like they did Axton’s Turrets and it’s not the best “blocker” either.

If I am using a build where I jump in and out constantly to get anoints or Some for the Road…why should I even consider this skill?

Conversely…if all I want to do in a HYBRID build to get IB back quick so I can jump in and lay waste for a while…why should I even consider this skill?

I’m having difficulty justifying the point usage.

Tell me why I am wrong.


He goes ape **** with the Hammerdown nukes. Shoots them way faster than you ever could. Especislly when you get the 15% reload speed mayhem modifier. It’s actually pretty hilarious the chaos that ensues


When you exit… do you run forward, or backward? Enemies (regular enemies, not so much bosses) tend to aggro Iron Bear if he’s between you.

Bear targets slower in some cases and as said above the nukes come out fast lol… The Vanquisher Rockets I use for the blue targeting icons onscreen… Its like an added bit of awareness, see targets clearer through the mayhem.

I’m my case we run a 75% increased sheilds anointed Transformer, prep the Bear to max HP for 245k (eject twice before approach), approach, eject, jump back wards, throw epicenter (25%damg on throw) fire Krakatoa or Lob while backteading, run forward, Iron Bear-eject, repeat.

Double nukes with Specialist Bear is the way to go imo. Target softening is good against bosses but you usually shoot that once then get out of IB to do the damage, not a good idea to rely on auto bear for the debuff. Best not to use more than 1 target softening, they don’t stack multiple times

I love the double nukes idea! I will give that a try!

Now if only IB would draw Agro like Axton’s turrets did…


It draws more than it used to. I actually think it’s pretty good at drawing aggro.

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Did they change that with some of the buffs to IB? Because honestly, I haven’t used auto bear for at least a month.

Hard to say. Longer than the last hotfix. Probably since last patch, maybe longer.
The effect is stronger if IB is between you and the enemy.

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